Over the advance of the semester, you accept abstruse about a array of theories and concepts accompanying to ageism and discrimination. In this final paper, you will analyze and appraise these concepts in agreement of their amount and effectiveness. You will appraise which theories and concepts you activate to be best alone relevant, as able-bodied which you would accede best advantageous and applicative in advantageous ageism and discrimination. Required Format Your cardboard charge be typed, double-spaced, application a admeasurement 12 chantry and be chargeless of spelling and grammatical errors. You charge abode in abounding and complete sentences (i.e., do not use ammo points, lists, or outlines). Your cardboard charge be accounting in your own words. Do not archetype and adhesive argument from alternative sources, as this is a abuse of bookish honesty. You charge abode anniversary of the article questions in the adjustment presented, authoritative assertive to cardinal anniversary acknowledgment in affiliation to the catechism you are addressing. Amuse accomplish assertive to activate anniversary catechism on a new band of argument and do not archetype and adhesive the catechism into the anatomy of your paper. Concepts to Apply · Week 6: Internal and alien locus of control · Week 7: Claimed capability and best theory Questions 1. In your own words, amuse ascertain what is meant by the abstraction of claimed effectiveness. Next, baddest one of the videos presented in Week 7 and explain why it represents a acceptable archetype of this concept, in action. Amuse accommodate specific examples from the video and advance actual to abutment your response. 2. Over the aftermost 7 weeks, you accept apprehend several sections and capacity from the book, Lies My Teacher Told Me. For this question, amuse abridge what you accept abstruse based on these readings - citation at atomic one, specific archetype from the book to abutment your response.  3. Reflecting on all the concepts, theories, readings and lectures we accept covered over the aftermost seven weeks, analyze which allocation of the advance actual stands out to you the most. In alternative words, what is the "take away" from this advance that you are acceptable to bethink continued afterwards the chic has ended? Amuse be specific in anecdotic this abstraction as able-bodied as why you acquisition it so meaningful. 4. Looking aback on your own perceptions of ageism and bigotry at the alpha of this course, amuse altercate the means your account may accept afflicted over the aftermost seven weeks. Amuse be specific in anecdotic if, and how, your acquaintance about ageism and bigotry has afflicted and in what ways. 5. Finally, amuse appraise the strengths and weaknesses of this advance by administration what aspects you activate to be best admired and which aspects you feel charge improvement. Your observations and insights are actual important and will be taken into consideration.

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