Introduction and Alignment This action will acquiesce you to complete a ancestors systems assessment.   Upon achievement of this assignment, you should be able to: Demonstrate the ability to conduct a absolute ancestors appraisal and genogram Instructions View the cine “Family Stone”. It is accessible on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Redbox for you to rent. Review the Bowen Theory Ancestors Therapy Cardboard explanation and complete a 6-8 folio cardboard (excluding appellation page, references, and genogram pages) accoutrement the capacity on the rubric. APA will be adjourned and references may or may not be needed. You do not charge to advertence the cine back all of you will be watching the aforementioned movie. When you accept completed your assignment, save a archetype for yourself and abide a archetype to your adviser application the Dropbox by the end of the workshop  Assessment Criteria Assessed Item Points Address concepts as it relates to the family Triangles Differentiation of self Nuclear ancestors affecting system Family bump process Multigenerational manual process Emotional cutoff Sibling position Societal affecting process  64 Treatment plan application Bowenian model examples of techniques and analysis strategies as they administer to the family 30 Discusses cultural aspects/implications for this ancestors from Bowenian perspective 30 Completed Genogram of ancestors mapping the following: family member ages births, deaths relationships marriages power distribution family boundaries member roles decision authoritative processes relationship connections intergenerational patterns subgroups occupational and educational status marital functioning parent-child relationships socio-economic status religious accomplishments and its acceptation to ancestors life health problems mental bloom problems attitudes about gender and sexuality communication styles 26 Total Points 150

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