Reflection 2

  Students charge draw on all of the readings for the accurate called assemblage in their reflections. For example, if acceptance accept to do a absorption based on Assemblage 2, the cardboard charge draw on the Dicken (2011) account and the Knox et al. (2015) reading. Although acceptance are accepted to authenticate a bright compassionate of the readings, absorption affidavit are not advised to artlessly abridge the readings. Rather, acceptance should outline the capital credibility of the readings and use this as the base for a analytical reflection. Critical reflections should authenticate abyss in cerebration about the actual they are learning, and appraise alarmingly how theories and practices of cartography can access their own lived adventures and observations about the world. Students are encouraged to draw on alternative sources in accession to advance materials, including the account altercation postings from antecedent Units if applicable. All sources, including the advance readings, address notes, and altercation postings charge be appropriately cited application APA. Reflection affidavit are to be accounting according to bookish scholarship standards (1,000 +/- 100 words excluding appellation folio and references).

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