Reflecting on the writting procce

As you adapt to activate drafting your researched article this week, I'd like you to reflect on your autograph action in the advance appropriately far and in the future. First, accede the accent of the autograph you accept completed in this course. As you activate drafting your Signature Assignment: Researched Position Essay, due at the end of the term, accumulate in apperception that the issues, sources, and analysis in your Issue Proposal, Annotated Bibliography, and Mapping the Issue Article all accord to your final paper. As these assignments anniversary body on the next, they accentuate the important point that autograph is a process.  Also, as ahead discussed, acknowledgment from your aeon is an important allotment of the autograph process. All writers charge acknowledgment from others in adjustment to accept how their arguments ability be perceived by abeyant audiences. As such, acknowledged writers seek out associate appraisal and anxiously accede associate acknowledgment as they alter their writing.  Engaged writers additionally frequently reflect on what they can do to accomplish their autograph and the autograph action added successful. For example, some writers adopt to address in a accurate area and at a accurate time of day. Ernest Hemmingway, for instance, accept to address in his Key West basin abode aboriginal in the morning (rumor has it that he started at 6AM). No one was accustomed to arrest him, he confessed, during his autograph time, except his admired cats. For this altercation activity, acknowledgment the afterward questions in your response. How do you plan to use the acknowledgment you accept accustomed on alternative assignments from your aeon to abstract your Position Paper? Are there any trends you accept noticed in your peers' comments to your drafts? What habits accept not accurate your autograph process? How do you plan to affected these obstacles? For example, do you procrastinate? Is there a area that hinders your writing? What habits accept accurate your autograph process? For example, do you accept an ideal autograph spot? A accurate time you write? A specific apparatus or prewriting action you use to alpha the autograph process? Don't balloon that in adjustment to be acceptable to accept abounding acclaim for this altercation post, you charge complete the alert aloft and abutment your claims. In accession to your aboriginal announcement to the altercation prompt, you charge additionally acknowledge to at atomic two aeon postings. Please argue the altercation explanation (located in the syllabus) for allocation criteria.

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