A2.2 References Folio APA Style Assemble a account of your analysis sources into an APA-style References folio in Microsoft Word, save it and upload it actuality by beat on "Browse my Computer." It is altogether OK to change sources afore your final article is due. To auspiciously complete this assignment, go to the folder titled Analysis and References. Also in your "Rules for Writers" apprehend the area titled:"APA Account of References" (pages 553-580 in the 8th edition). Accumulate it accessible to acquisition capacity on how to account the accurate sources you will be using. Of accurate accent is the sample References folio on folio 595, 8th edition. You will accept two attempts, and the accomplished brand will be recorded.    M2: Aggregate Bristles Articles/References For the anniversary analysis cardboard due for this module, you will charge a minimum of bristles (5) references (articles, books, government documents, etc.) from bristles altered sources/containers (journals, organizations, anthologies etc). As you aggregate the accessories and alternative references you plan to use, bethink to accumulate the advice you will charge all-important to adapt a actual References page. View the YouTube video on APA References folio beneath so that you can alpha accession your sources in the appropriate architecture from the beginning. Also, accredit to the pages in your handbook, Rules for Writers, 8th Edition. Read: "Search efficiently," pages 402-406 and "Evaluating sources you acquisition on the web" folio 425 Refer to the Tab on APA appearance (page 527) while autograph your essay Item M2: In-Text Citations APA It is awful recommended that you accumulate your handbook (or your online source) accessible back autograph your essay. All all-important advice can be begin in the APA tab in your textbook, Rules for Writers, 9th edition. Pay accurate absorption to: "Integrating Sources" and "APA in-text Citations". ******PLEASE FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS AS STATED ON POST

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