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  This activity entails development of a case, based in your own assignment ambiance that relates to a affair discussed in this course. If you are not currently employed, you can use an archetype from a antecedent employer or a accepted botheration you see in today’s organizations through the account and/or research. The final cardboard should be amid 6-8 pages, not including appellation folio and references. 3 advertence are required. If you are application your accepted alignment and plan to account agents associates in adjustment to bigger accept the problem, you can calculation them as one source. (If you accept added than 1 interview, it will still alone calculation as one reference). You will identify/diagnose a botheration from your assignment ambiance and administer analysis to analyze abeyant solutions. Your final cardboard will accommodate an overview/background of the alignment in affiliation to the problem; identification and altercation or causes of the problem, and a description of acceptable accomplishments that you would acclaim based on the research. Refer to arrangement and allocation rubric

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