Refection Paper

Review the accepted guidelines for autograph a absorption paper.

 Reflection #1: Sentimental Women Need Not Apply

 1. Watch the 60 min video; Sentimental Women Need Not Apply: Historical Context of Nursing

link to watch video

2. Reflect on the blur and your thoughts about the history of nursing that was presented. Do not abridge the film.

3. What did the blur accomplish you anticipate about? Were there any surprises or advice that

 was new to you? Did it change your perceptions about nursing?

4. Write a one- two folio cardboard absorption on the blur and your thoughts or claimed experiences.

 Do not abridge the film, but reflect on the agreeable and what it fabricated you anticipate about or feel.

 And how it may chronicle to your own claimed adventures as a nursing apprentice or a accepted nurse.

Use APA format

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