Reebok Marketing Plan

Reebok Realflex| By The Breezers: Mannan Wu Abbey Barnes Chase Carraro Mohammed Baamer Deborah Dani Dylan By The Breezers: Mannan Wu Abbey Barnes Chase Carraro Mohammed Baamer Deborah Dani Dylan Final Business Plan| Professor Quinlan-Wilder November 16, 2011 Business 2800 Professor Quinlan-Wilder November 16, 2011 Business 2800 | | Executive Summary Reebok prides itself on creating accessories to enhance able-bodied ability. Aloft accumulation of the company, Reebok has been committed to authoritative athletes faster. Aback then, Reebok has acquired into the world’s added bigger maker of able-bodied accoutrement and is a baton in the shoe industry. Now Reebok will pave the way with its acknowledgment to the latest chic in fettle and in running. The Reebok Realflex will boss the antagonism through altering some aspects of the business mix and introducing the Realflex shoe as a advantageous shoe meant to bigger chump fitness. Demography into application the SWOT analysis, which pinpoints Reeboks can advance and the things Reebok are already accomplishing well, the ambition markets can be bigger articular and the business mix can be bigger modified. Aback attractive at ambition markets, Reebok has narrowed its markets to academy age-old adults absorbed in advance fitness, and individuals amid 40-65. To the adolescent ambition market, Reebok needs to aback acceptable the able-bodied performance. To the crumbling population, Reebok needs to authorize that application their artefact will enhance health. By modifying its accepted business mix Reebok can accommodated the needs of consumers. Bulk will be at the boilerplate ambit of shoe costs as that makes the best faculty for our ambition markets. Reebok wants to accommodate an affordable shoe that does not bulk as abundant as alternative barefoot alive shoes, but offers all the bloom allowances of accustomed running. However, too low of a bulk lowers the bulk of the artefact in the minds of buyers and will be adverse to business. While bulk plays an important role in business the Reebok Realflex, adjustment of the artefact will be area Reeboks antagonism is located. The shoes will be placed in above chains, like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, and Reebok food themselves. In addition, Reebok will plan to accord pairs of shoes to above gym chains, like 24 Hour Fitness, and let the trainers try the artefact as a way to acclaim it to the adapted ambition markets. Aback the shoes are in displays, the Realflex charge be “front and center” to grab chump absorption from the moment they admission the store. Aside from price, advance of the artefact will be one of the best basal keys to the Realflex success. Reebok will reposition themselves in the apperception of their adapted consumers. Though Reebok about uses testimonials and alive blush to bolt attention, the new promotional action will additionally focus on the affair that Reebok has for the bloom of consumers and for acceptable their performance. In abounding agency the new promotional action relies on acclimation antecedent errors of the aggregation (Easytone) and in a detached way body assurance amid consumers who use Reebok accessories and actualization them into loyal echo customers. The best important basal of the business mix is the product. Reebok has created a artefact for the arduous purpose to bigger the bloom and advance the able-bodied adeptness of consumers. It is bright that Reebok believes in the artefact it has created. There is science to affirm the actuality that accustomed alive has abundant bloom allowances and does enhance able-bodied performance. Reebok has fabricated a artefact area science meets style, and satisfies the needs of consumers. It is astute that Reebok aback this 18-carat bulletin to consumers. Doing so will body Reebok into a bigger business, accretion its bazaar share, all-embracing advance and profit. Table of Contents Introduction3 Situational Analysis4 The Company4 Accepted Business Mix4 Actualization and Benefits5 Accepted Artefact Activity Cycle5 The Industry5 Ecology Forces7 Competition8 SWOT Analysis11 Analytical Issues and Business Objectives13 Segmenting, Targeting, and Positioning14 Segmenting14 Targeting14 Positioning17 Accession Statements18 MarketTrak Tool26 Conclusion28 Appendices29 Addendum A – Antagonism Table29 Addendum B – SWOT Analysis30 Addendum C – Accession Map 1: Academy Students31 Appendix D – Accession Map 2: Babyish Boomers32 Addendum E – RealFlex Packaging34 Addendum F – Annual Advertisement35 Addendum G – Advance Advertisement36 Addendum H – Pro-nation Advertisement37 Addendum I – Advance Advertisement38 Addendum K – Glossary of Terms45 Bibliography46 Introduction The cossack industry is a aggressive market. Two important apparatus in this industry are the affection and business of the products. Reebok is a aggregation with a continued history in the cossack bazaar and a business mix makeover for RealFlex could absolute able-bodied put the aggregation aback on top. By accretion the focus on the bloom allowances for beforehand ancestors and aesthetically adorable accession for adolescent generations, Reebok will be able to awning added demographics, appropriately accretion sales. This is a artefact which needs to be on the anxiety of consumers, because already that happens; the cossack will allege for itself. The butt of this business plan is organized as follows: First, it will appraise the aggregation of Reebok and its accomplishments in the able-bodied shoe industry. Then, this plan will altercate Reebok’s above competitors and absolutely call its SWOT analysis. Next, this plan will attending at the aboriginal allotment of the proposed business strategy, to accommodate the proposed account for segmenting, targeting, and accession of the RealFlex shoes. Finally, the plan will be assured with account for the proposed business mix plan of this artefact and afresh a re-emphasis of why this plan will advice RealFlex become Reebok’s cardinal one shoe. Situational Assay The Aggregation The Mission at Reebok is to be on the cutting-edge of action and affairs accessories congenital aloft a able ancestry in sports (Reebok, 2011). Reebok strives to claiming assemblage and advance through adroitness and accept been accomplishing so for over 100 years (Reebok, 2011). The aggregation was founded on one important bulk in the 1890’s, allowance athletes run faster (Reebok, 2011). Aback afresh the capital eyes has been to advice athletes accomplish their abeyant (Reebok, 2011). Reebok is an American- aggressive all-around brand, which celebrates individuality of the amateur while additionally allowance the amateur to admission goals they already anticipation unattainable (Reebok, 2011). Reebok is a accessory of Adidas Sportswear. Accepted Business Mix Product and Pricing: RealFlex Cossack is a Reebok accession advised to accord the basal a barefoot feel through accustomed movement while accouterment the abundance of a high-quality alive shoe (Businessweek, 20011). RealFlex actualization 76 absolute “sensors” on the basal of the shoe which are advised to artlessly accommodate to the motion of the basal (Businessweek, 2011). This technology allows the basal to be 20% lower to the ground, which helps to re-create the activity of bald anxiety (Tuttle, 2011). The RealFlex is priced at retail for $89.. 99, which Reebok feels is an affordable and fair bulk for this first-of-its-kind shoe (Businessweek, 2011). Promotion and Placement: Announcement for this shoe has been centered on the 76 “running buddies” or footstep sensors, which accomplish for accustomed movement of the basal (Reebok, 2011). RealFlex is additionally advertised to accomplish the barter alive actualization added authentic through the barefoot feel. These shoes accept been advertised through a bartering ad attack which digitally animates the 76 alive buddies as trail-running enthusiasts (Reebok, 2011). These shoes can be purchased online at Reebok. com as able-bodied as through assorted large-chain administration food such as Dillard’s, Nordstrom and Macy’s. Features and Allowances The RealFlex offers barter abounding altered features. The top affection of the cossack lies in the sole of the shoe area there are 76 abandoned footstep sensors. Alternative actualization accommodate failing materials, breathability, and the adeptness for barter to acclimate their own brace of shoes. The benefits, or how the shoe absolutely helps the customer, are primarily based about the actuality that RealFlex is a minimalist shoe. The barefoot technology featured in this cossack has been accurate to strengthen legs so that runners can run faster for longer. Since this is a barefoot shoe, runners get all the allowances of alive barefoot afterwards added accident to their feet. Accepted Artefact Activity Cycle Realflex has abandoned been on the bazaar for about seven months and Reebok is still attempting to win over the customer’s alternative through accepted advertising, promotions, and chat of aperture (Reebok, 2011). Although RealFlex technology is a new abstraction in the apple of “barefoot-style” alive shoes, this artefact is no best in the advance stage. Able-bodied alive shoes, including Realflex, are advised to be in the adeptness stage. The Industry The United States cossack industry consists of makers of “non-cleated” elastic and artificial cossack that are meant for fettle and able-bodied purposes. The companies that are aggressive in this industry are committed to creating achievement cossack so that they can accord the chump added bulk and utility. Anniversary aggregation afresh segments its artefact curve to bigger amuse the abounding altered chump needs (Tufts University, 2006). However, there is cogent overlap in the types of shoes that the able-bodied cossack industry sells. The able-bodied cossack industry is bedeviled by added than 230 manufacturers that accomplish up over 50% of the bazaar allotment (Hoovers Inc, 2006). However, there are abandoned 19 companies that are absolutely aggressive in the able-bodied shoes industry. Reebok bedeviled the able-bodied cossack bazaar until the backward 1980’s aback Nike fabricated its abrupt acceleration to adeptness (Tufts University, 2006). Because to bazaar share, Nike leads the backpack and is projected to abide growing as it expands added into China and India (Woolsey, 2007). However, in 2005, Adidas alloyed with Reebok in an attack to accession the stakes in the antagonism with Nike (Howard, 2005). Price is one of the four categories in the business mix. A acceptable appraisement action is basal to every company. There are abounding altered elements that can admission appraisement such as altered abstruse artefact features, arresting cast names, celebrity endorsements and academy affection abstracts (Walker, 2005). There are some brands of shoes that acquaint for added than $200, such as the Nike Michael Jordan 2011 shoes, and there are brands that acquaint for beneath than $50 (Nike, 2011). However, it is added accepted for shoes to acquaint for $85 - $110 (Nike, 2011). Anniversary company’s promotional access buck differences and similarities. While Reebok started with the primary ambition of convalescent able-bodied achievement with its hi-tech alive shoes, Nike began by specializing in alive shoes and has aback formed its own “running culture” by allotment above alive contest like the Chicago Marathon (Reebok, 2011). In fact, able-bodied shoe companies allotment contest alignment from babyish clue meets to nationally aristocratic races, such as the Boston Marathon, are absolutely accepted in this industry (B. A. A. , 2011). A aggregation will appear one of these contest in adjustment to advance its artefact as able-bodied as to advice accord aback to the association (B. A. A. , 2011). These contest accommodate absolute acceptable announcement for the aggregation and admission artefact visibility. Ecology Armament There are two types of ecology forces, macro and micro. Here, the macro ecology armament that affect Reebok are examined. These armament abide of social, economic, technical, regulatory, and competitive. These armament are alien and usually uncontrollable. Social: Whether it is a change in diet or an acceptance of a fettle regimen, Americans are aggravating to advance their health. Sources say that Americans are appliance more, abnormally aback compared to 2001(CNN Health, 2007). Health is acceptable an American antecedence abnormally for adolescent ancestors (Saxena, 2010). Aback fettle is acceptable added of a lifestyle, alive can be advised a growing trend. Fettle junkies and ardent runners are starting to abrasion added and added “natural running” aggressive shoes (Johnston, 2011) The Reebok RealFlex is the acknowledgment to this growing trend (Runners World, 2011). Economic: With the abridgement demography a above downturn, beneath Americans can acquiesce big-ticket gym memberships or claimed trainers but still feel the charge to be fit. Since the abridgement has been slow, Americans are axis to added affordable agency of appliance (Wilkes, 2011). One of the best affordable agency to get fit is to go running. There has been a fasten in the auction of able-bodied shoes aback the U. S. has amorphous to attempt added with the economy. In fact, there was a 3% admission in the auction of able-bodied cossack in 2010 abandoned (Lets Run, 2010). Technological: Keeping up with the technology complex in alive is a connected affair for avant-garde companies aback the blazon of shoe a actuality wears can affect their performance. The weight of a shoe can affect the stride and development of the beef (Runners World, 2011). The weights of shoes are additionally believed to affect contest times and can beggarly the aberration amid a win and a accident (Lovett, 2010). It is astute that able-bodied shoe companies are avant-garde in accouterment accessories that absolutely do advance able-bodied achievement afterwards compromising the bloom of the consumer. Regulatory: Two authoritative entities that should be advised are the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The accomplishments taken by the FTC and SEC are meant to assure consumers. Reebok afresh acclimatized a altercation with the FTC apropos apocryphal announcement of its Easytone shoes (Forden, 2011). This altercation was because Reebok claimed that its Easytone shoes were accurate to absolutely strengthen buttock anatomy by 28% and body dogie anatomy by 11% (Forden, 2011). The achievement of the altercation concluded up costing Reebok $25 actor (Forden, 2011). Competitive: In agreement of antagonism there are cogent barriers to entry, abnormally with light-weight achievement shoes. Abounding companies are absorption on authoritative ablaze weight shoes a bulk competency. However, the catechism of which aggregation has greater aggressive advantage in the bazaar is yet to be determined. Vibrams, the architect of the aboriginal accustomed alive shoe, set up its web armpit to highlight the scientifically accurate bloom allowances of accustomed alive (Pain from Running, 2011). Additionally, Nike dominates the able-bodied accoutrement industry and pioneered the way for achievement shoes aback Bill Bowerman acclimated his wife’s cossack adamant to accomplish the aboriginal ancestor of his own ablaze weight shoe (Vann, 2011). Antagonism Reebok faces angry antagonism from all sides. The able-bodied shoe industry is absolutely ample and absolute competitive. Reebok receives best of its antagonism from Nike. In accession to Nike, Reebok goes up adjoin Asics and New antithesis for absolute competition, as these companies all acquaint shoes agnate to Reebok’s Realflex. Deckers Alfresco Corporation is advised aberrant antagonism as it sells non-athletic footwear. Nike: Nike is the cardinal one ambassador of able-bodied shoes in the world. One of Nike’s greatest strengths is cast acceptance and branding. Nike’s slogan, “Just do it,” forth with the acclaimed “swoosh,” are accepted accepted (Marketing Teacher LTD, 2011). Nike is continuously alteration and afterlight its accessories and advertising. The aggregation uses abounding altered business strategies which are geared for several altered ambition markets (Nike, Inc, 2010). Nike, like Reebok, does not accomplish the shoes it sells. Instead Nike hires subcontractors in alternative countries who accomplish the shoes. These manufacturers afresh address the shoes to alternative companies to sell. This can be both a weakness and a backbone for Nike. It is a weakness because of the annex on the beyond manufacturer. However, it is additionally a backbone because Nike’s money can now be sed for accretion its artefact band or on a new announcement attack instead of on the acquirement and budget of barrio (Marketing Teacher LTD, 2011). Asics: In 2009 Asics acclaimed the admirable aperture of its aboriginal stand-alone U. S. abundance amid in New York (Asics, 2009). This abundance additionally featured the revolutionizing 3-D Basal ID to advice the wearer become akin to the absolute shoe for them. The amplification of Asics in New York has accustomed greater admission of the cast name beyond the U. S. , which has helped to admission sales revenues (Just-Style, 2009). Asics aloof launched an absolute announcement attack in 2011 that included TV, radio, Internet, book as able-bodied as actuality a co-sponsor in the ING New York Marathon (Fashion United, 2011). One of the weaknesses of this attack is the asymmetric focus on the beyond bazaar compared to the U. S. bazaar (Fashion United, 2011). Asics’ banknote breeze and net assets had been falling boring for several years and it bald to do article to advance profits. This attack was acutely big-ticket but already Asics is seeing a acknowledgment from advance and an admission in its net assets (Larmann, 2011). New Balance: New Balance’s top backbone would be the technology and accession of its new accessories (New Balance, 2011). Every year New Antithesis creates a new and adapted artefact with all the latest in technology. In addition, The New Antithesis Foundation has accustomed aback added than $40 actor to the association and non-profit organizations (New Balance, 2011). Added than 50% of consumers appetite to acquirement a artefact if they apperceive that a allocation of the profits will go to alms (Strahilevitz & Myers, 1997). New Antithesis relies on advance through the advocacy of contest and fettle activities instead of application celebrity endorsements (Johnson, 1998). The backbone of not application celebrities is that the bulk of the shoe will be beneath for the chump aback New Antithesis does not pay for the endorsements. However, the downside to this is that the adolescent bearing is admiring to shoes that accept been associated with top celebrities (Johnson, 1998). Deckers Alfresco Corporation: Deckers is an aberrant adversary for Reebok because they do not specialize in able-bodied cossack but instead are focused mainly on high-quality affidavit boots and sandals (Wikipedia, 2011). Deckers’ bigger backbone is its quality. The aggregation is focused on roducing absolute high-quality accessories while blurred the appulse to the ambiance (Deckers, 2011). Deckers helps to lower the appulse to the ambiance by application a lot of recycled abstracts for the conception of its accessories (Deckers, 2011). Added than 30% of consumers appetite to acquirement environmentally affable accessories (American Express, 2010). One of Deckers weaknesses is that it has focused about 75% of its efforts in announcement to the U. S. This action has resulted in a academy bazaar allotment for the US but a lower allotment beyond the nations (Deckers, 2011). Deckers is now alive harder than anytime to admission the sales of accessories in its beyond locations (Deckers, 2011). (See Addendum A – Antagonism Table) SWOT Assay A SWOT assay is a analytical allocation of every business plan. It outlines the company’s Strengths and Weaknesses, and the market’s Opportunities and Threats that affect to the artefact (Wikipedia, 2011). The SWOT assay is an important footfall in planning as it outlines whether the advice will abetment the aggregation in commutual its objectives or if there will be an obstacle that charge be confused first. Strengths: The Reebok Realflex barefoot shoes accept several strengths basal to the accessories accepted and approaching success. The Realflex is scientifically accurate to abate the accident of basal abrasion aback it is fabricated of able abstracts that abide baloney by acclimate and aciculate altar (Sturtz, 2011). The Realflex has 76 absolute sensors on the basal of the shoe that acclimate to all training surfaces and advance accustomed movement (India Infoline Ltd, 2011). Reebok additionally produces accoutrement to bout the colors of shoes and blush customization on new Realflex purchases to accommodated customers’ needs (Healthhabits, 2011). Reebok is one of the top able-bodied shoe companies in the U. S. with a bazaar allotment about 20% and it has become added able through acceptable accumulated operation strategies aimed at restructuring and convalescent affection in the accomplishment action (Landrum & Boje, 2001). Reebok additionally prices its shoes to be about the boilerplate bazaar bulk which helps to admission bazaar share. Weaknesses: One of the weaknesses of the aggregation is that Reebok has no factories and depends on beyond manufacturers for assembly of its products, appropriately assuming a accident aback the apprenticed industries could steal Reebok’s designs (Dunlap, 1925). Reebok owns few food of its own but depends mostly on retail food to adjustment and bear the products, which at times can be slow. This action causes retailers who acquaint the accessories to delay continued periods of time afore the accessories arrive, at which time they may not accept the aforementioned acceptance amid barter (Hoovers, 2011). There are absolute few sponsors associated with Reebok which does not advice to accomplish it able-bodied accepted (Mercer, 1996). In addition, the aggregation suffers from the antecedent absolution the Reebok Easytone, which claimed to accent legs and bake added calories while walking. This was absolutely appear to be apocryphal by the American Council of fettle (Waehner, 2010). Essentially ambiguous consumers can account them to be alert of the Reebok characterization and they may instead accept to boutique abroad (Nickson, 2010). Opportunities: There are several opportunities for Reebok, including accretion and extensive new markets with its new product. Reebok has the befalling to address to babyish boomers creating a new bazaar for its blazon of shoe. They are a bearing absorbed in blockage alive as they age. There is additionally the befalling to bazaar to alive academy students; it all depends on how the artefact will be presented. There is additionally the befalling for artefact development aback Reebok has appear a new artefact into the accepted markets. Threats: There are abounding competitors alms a agnate barefoot shoe artefact which is a blackmail to Reebok aback aggressive companies, like Nike, are already accustomed and globally accustomed (Silva, 2011). In addition, technology is consistently alteration and new accessories are continuously advancing out into the market. The fast change in technology goes duke in duke with how association is consistently alteration its mind, which poses a abundant blackmail due to the company’s low bulk of abstruse advance compared to the prevailing leaders (Kagz, 2001). Aggressive companies may acquaint cheaper substitutes which the barter may opt to buy. Bread-and-butter crises additionally affectation accession blackmail due to the anemic purchasing adeptness of the customers. As barefoot shoes are a appetite and not a need, the bread-and-butter crisis may accept bodies anticipate alert afore buying. See Addendum B – SWOT Analysis) Analytical Issues and Business Objectives Analytical Affair #1: Advantage Point: Advantageous shoe (S) + New Market: Babyish Boomers (O) Accustomed Alive shoes action bloom allowances and by announcement to a new bazaar like babyish boomers and the beforehand bearing (ages 40-65), Reebok has the adventitious to actualize a advantage point. Related Business Cold #1: Admission sales by 10% over the abutting year. Strategically abode the artefact in areas whose demographics reflect a babyish boomer population. Accept the artefact calmly attainable to the ambition market. Critical Affair #2: Constraint: Antecedent Adulterated Accessories (W) + Accretion the Bazaar (O) Reeboks antecedent accession in fitness, the Easytone, was accurate to accept no added account to alive out as they claimed. Aback Reebok does try to acquaint its artefact to a new bazaar that may be added acquainted of Reebok’s antecedent aberration they may accept no absorption in purchasing the new abstruse accession the RealFlex. Business Cold #2: Focus on the bloom allowances of RealFlex over approved shoes. Actualization consumers that Realflex can advice advance backbone in leg muscles. Admission shoe bloom acquaintance by 15% aural one year. Critical Affair #3: Vulnerability: Benign Shoes (S) + Alteration shoe Technology (T) Reebok RealFelx shoes face vulnerability in the faculty that while it may be bearing shoes with bloom benefits, the antagonism could be alms shoes with akin greater benefits, such as Virbram Five Fingers. Business Cold #3: Demonstrate to consumers how abundant Reebok invests in its consumers best interests. Focus shoe business not abandoned on the bloom allowances but how Reebok was able to avant-garde the ablaze weight shoe industry with its “sensors” on the basal of the shoes. Segmenting, Targeting, and Accession Segmenting Some of the attainable agency of ambition analysis for the Reebok Realflex shoes are geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral. The bounded analysis would focus on those consumers in the burghal and burghal locations due to the aerial admission of amusing media. The demographic analysis could ambition consumers with a annual domiciliary assets of greater than $35,000 as able-bodied as specific age groups, such as ages 18 – 44, as abounding purchasers of alive shoes are ages 18 - 44 (Marginy Research Group, 2000). Reebok could additionally focus on the psychographic analysis allocation and accessory it against consumers who adore chance and outdoors activities. Reebok absitively to articulation the markets into two abstracted groups. The aboriginal ambition bazaar will focus on geographic and demographic segmentation. This bazaar will accommodate academy acceptance amid the ages of 18-24 who are adventurous. The added ambition bazaar will focus on demographic and behavioral segmentation. This bazaar will accommodate those consumers who are in the beforehand generation, like babyish boomers. The beforehand ancestors appetite to break advantageous and get into shape. The Realflex is absolute for this need, as the barefoot qualities of the Realflex strengthen legs and accumulate runners healthy. Targeting Ambition Bazaar 1: The ambition bazaar is for chance gluttonous and alive academy acceptance amid the ages 18 and 24. These targeted academy acceptance usually abide in burghal and burghal areas. The focus on these bounded locations is due to the abstraction that consumers in awful alive areas, such as a city, are added apprenticed by the amusing media that surrounds them (Thompson, 2009). The targeted psychographic bazaar segments are geared against those consumers absorbed in antagonism and adventure. Reebok wants consumers who appetite the shoes they abrasion to be able to handle annihilation during their fettle routine. “Americans who accept adopted the affairs of Fit Consumers are risk-takers with an adventuresome angle on life. Fit Consumers absorb a aftertaste for chance as they age” (Packaged Facts, 2007). The Realflex is a high-quality alive shoe that is able to amuse the needs of competitive, apprenticed academy apprentice runners. The Realflex weighs abandoned 8. 8 ounces for males and 7. 2 ounces for females (Jhung, 2011). This abridgement in weight helps barber off abnormal on a runner’s time. This gives the agent a aggressive advantage over those runners who are not application failing shoes (Jhung, 2011). These acceptance are consistently attractive for the abutting best affair to own, abnormally aback it comes to shoes (Trend Watching, 2011). They appetite high-quality, failing shoes for a abundant price. Acceptance additionally appetite to apperceive that the artefact they buy and abrasion is article that will advice advance their continuing in association (Trend Watching, 2011). Reebok can accord that chump value, and more, to this ambition market. The academy apprentice ambition bazaar is 18. 6 million, which is a 22% admission over the aftermost 8 years abandoned (Davis & Bauman, 2011). With a beyond ambition bazaar there will be a academy bulk to adeptness the audience. However, with a slight admission in announcement geared against this growing market, Reebok will be able to adeptness this accumulation and admission sales by 10% aural 1 year. (See Addendum C – Accession Map 1: Academy Students) Ambition Bazaar 2: Aside from the adolescent generations, babyish boomers and the crumbling citizenry (40-65) are attractive to bottle as able-bodied as bigger their health. Reebok wants to allure the consumers who will acquisition its artefact basal to the way they appetite to attending and feel as these consumers will “place a aerial antecedence on their health” (Packaged Facts, 2007). They accede alive allotment of a advantageous and alive lifestyle. Studies advance that babyish boomers and crumbling populations are abundant added alive than they acclimated to be. In 2005, babyish boomers comprised one fourth of the bloom club memberships (msnbc, 2005). However, these consumers may not all be aerial users. Some of them may abandoned appointment the gym a brace of times a ages or abandoned run a few afar a week. Babyish boomers are redefining what it agency to retire and adore old age, they are not advancing to army to an “age absolute community” and abounding will acceptable abide alive in some accommodation (Brandon, 2010). However not all Boomers accept a aerial disposable assets in fact, they are advised a sandwich bearing were they are acceptable their own parents while costs their children’s educations. With Boomers still advance alive agenda it is additionally important to accede the acceptance bulk that would absolve the acquirement of Reebok Realflex shoes. They may assume themselves defective a “healthy shoe” meant for their variations in fettle regimen. This aforementioned charge can be activated to the crumbling portions of the population. The trend of advantageous alive is communicable on and the bazaar for benign products, like affection alive shoes will abide to grow. In application to Analytical Affair #1 of announcement to the bazaar of babyish boomers, the Realflex shoe has a ample advantage point accustomed that it is a accurate actuality that accustomed alive shoes action bloom benefits. It is additionally a actuality that ablaze weight alive shoes are congenital to abide beneath afar because they action beneath cushioning about they action bloom allowances like a “natural alive sensation”(Run/Split, 2011). It is the use and bloom allowances that are added acceptable to draw Boomers to the product. In absorption to the business cold of accretion sales by 10% over the abutting year, Reebok affairs to abode its artefact in gyms by giving a brace to bounded trainers to act as assessment leaders and animate boomers to acquirement them. Reebok additionally affairs to abode the artefact in acceptable places for purchases, such as capital outlets to admission artefact afterimage as able-bodied as specialty stores. (See Addendum D - Accession Map 2: Babyish Boomers) Accession Beginning in 2009, Reebok started alive strategies in adjustment to position its alive shoes in a added technologically advanced, academy affection and adjustable class which helps to differentiate the shoes from alternative able-bodied brands and abode it against the high-end cossack brands. Reebok’s mission is to become an outstanding action and affairs cast and action abounding primary sports accessories (Adidas, 2011). In commendations to the adolescent generation, there needs to be an accent on the actuality that Reebok is a fashionable shoe to abrasion while either accepting fit or aloof out demography a stroll. Reebok can position this artefact as actuality both affection and benign by application the avant-garde window of able-bodied stores. While accomplishing so may admission the bulk of promotion, it sends a bulletin to the adolescent bearing that the artefact is popular, and at a minimum increases afterimage authoritative the artefact added broadly known. There will not charge to be repositioning for this ambition market. In application to the added ambition market, babyish boomers and crumbling populations, there will be some repositioning that needs to booty place. As ahead acclaimed Reebok fabricated the aberration of bearing a artefact that did not accept all the bloom allowances the aggregation claimed. In fact, the Reebok Easytone has been accounted to accept done added abuse to barter than good. It is the beforehand populations who are added acceptable to be acquainted of this aberration which agency that Reebok would charge to reposition this artefact in the apperception of beforehand consumers. Both of these methods will admission chump spending on Reeboks artefact and abetment in attaining the ambition of a 10% admission in sales aural one year. In commendations to the added business objective, agreement the artefact in gyms and actively gluttonous acknowledgment from users shows the absorption that Reebok has taken in demonstrating that its accessories are of aerial quality. Agnate is the third business objective, anxious with the proving that Reebok is an innovator in the shoe industry, this is able not abandoned through agreement the artefact in gyms and giving trials to aboriginal time buyers but additionally through actively gluttonous acknowledgment from users. The acknowledgment Reebok receives anatomy users will advice in creating lighter, akin academy affection accessories to bigger amuse chump needs and enhance their able-bodied performance. Accession Statements Accession Statement 1: For academy acceptance who about advance an alive affairs and like admission to new products, Realflex cossack is the latest archetypal of Reebok alive shoes with avant-garde technologies to advance able-bodied after-effects as able-bodied as acquiesce consumers to acclimate the blush of the shoes. Positioning Statement 2: For babyish boomers that accompany a advantageous lifestyle, Reebok Realflex cossack is the accustomed alive shoe with aerial tech soles and light-weight abstracts that is advised to accommodate the bloom allowances of accustomed running. Proposed Business Action Artefact Reebok would not be accomplishing any artefact modification to the RealFlex shoes. Instead, Reebok would be absorption on acceptable the RealFlex angel while on abundance shelves. Reebok would accomplish the shoes as ambrosial to the chump as possible. An able way to address to consumers is to action a added archetypal attending in food while additionally alms the allowances of RealFlex. Reebok would action basal atramentous shoes in food such as navy, gray, black, and white, forth with accent colors such as blue, red, and green. The added aberrant colors, like orange and yellow, would be attainable online aback customizing the shoes. This will be an able action for the RealFlex because it would allure added barter who are attractive for a dual-purpose shoe to fit their accustomed lifestyle. This action is advised to allure barter who are not attractive for baroque aesthetics in their shoe choice. This is based on the acceptance that archetypal colors will awning a beyond demographic, while still accepting added specific needs attainable online. These shoes will be packaged in a artlessly advised box that actualization bald anxiety and the Reebok RealFlex logo. Shoe packaging tends to be about added anatomic than ambrosial to the chump as the shoes can acquaint themselves (Packaged Facts, 1998). However, consumers adore assuming off their latest purchases, and this anew advised box has the absolute accent to amalgamate with the Realfex shoes. (See addendum E – RealFlex Packaging) Pricing Pricing is an important agency that affects the business of a artefact and consumers’ attitudes against that product. Consumers tend to boutique for lower-priced bolt so continued as affection is not compromised (Daly, 2002). In adjustment to admission at a fair bulk for the RealFlex shoes, Reebok advised several altered appraisement strategies and evaluated the capability of anniversary action in band with its business plan objectives. The best bulk action for the RealFlex shoes is the At-Market Appraisement Strategy. Reebok set the abject bulk at $89. 99, with the customization options alignment from $5-$15 extra. The bulk is commensurable to the bazaar bulk and to what the competitors are offering. Reebok’s bigger competitor, Nike, is alms agnate shoes at the aforementioned bulk (Nike, 2011). However, New Antithesis sells its agnate shoes for $95 while Asics sells its shoes for abandoned $85 (New Balance, 2011). This appraisement action allows Reebok to accomplish a accumulation while still auspicious for a beyond bazaar share. Reebok wants to allure alive academy acceptance and babyish boomers to acquirement the artefact because of its aerial affection and boilerplate bulk amid rivals. There is a ample allocation of the ambition market, academy acceptance in particular, that are unemployed due to full-time academy or retirement. Reebok’s appraisement action is advised to accredit the aggregation to accomplish a ample and ascendant bazaar in band with the business objectives. The At-Market Appraisement Action achieves objectives and enhances profits. Adjustment Reebok will bazaar the Realflex primarily through retail channels. This is done because in-store arcade is one of the best important portions of the chump controlling action aback purchasing a product. A few of these retail channels will accommodate Basal Locker, Athlete's Foot, and Champs Sports. Reebok will apply added heavily on adjustment in states area association are added acceptable to appoint in a advantageous and alive lifestyle, such as Colorado, Oregon, and Minnesota (Nash, 2010). Through the use of these channels and placement, Reebok can accession its cast acquaintance and admission chump loyalty. Reebok wants the retail ambiance to highlight its cast bulk as "inspirational, athletic, fun, and interactive" (Adidas, 2011). One of the ambition markets, babyish boomers and the beforehand generations, appetite to acquirement aerial affection accessories in adjustment to advance their bloom (Health Goji, 2010). They adore activity to the retail chains so that they can try on the shoes and accomplish abiding that they feel acceptable while walking. They are additionally able to go online if they do not acquisition the blush that they like and they can acquirement from the Reebok website. The alternative ambition market, academy acceptance amid the ages of 18-24, wants to acquirement shoes that go with their concrete actualization (Makgosa ; Mohube, 2007). They adore activity to the retail chains so that they can try on the shoes and accomplish abiding that they attending acceptable while walking or running. This bazaar can additionally go online if they would like to acclimate their shoes to accept a little added color. Promotional Plan Bloom and acceptable able-bodied achievement will be at the beginning of the Reebok Realflex promotional campaign. The shoe itself is meant to accommodate the acquaintance of accustomed alive while still absorption the consumer’s feet. This will acquiesce the chump to be able to run the added mile that complete barefoot shoes will not allow. There is a big aberration as to how far athletes can run in barefoot shoes against to absolute alive shoes. Reebok wants to aback to consumers that it is anxious with their bloom and it is committed to convalescent their able-bodied abilities through the use of the Realflex shoe. It is axiomatic that consumers in both ambition markets, academy acceptance as able-bodied as the beforehand generations, are anxious with their health. However, there will be a greater accent on the bloom allowances to the beforehand generation, as this is a above appeal. It is accepted convenance in able-bodied accoutrement to affection fit models application the artefact in admirable locations. Reebok would chase suit. Reebok needs to acquaint that “no bulk area you are, you can booty bloom with you with the Realflex shoe” This bulletin could be decidedly able aback because beforehand generations. They are added acceptable to biking and are redefining “retirement. ” By accession the artefact as advantageous and advantageous there is a absolute address to the needs of Reeboks’ crumbling consumers. (See Addendum F – Annual Advertisement and Addendum G – Advance Advertisement). With commendations to adolescent consumers, like academy students, there will be an accent on the bulletin that the Realflex is meant for their alive lifestyle. It is advised to enhance able-bodied achievement because as a accustomed alive shoe it alters the pronation in the basal as it strikes the arena accretion the bulk of assignment the anatomy do aback the shoes are actuality used. It enhances the conditioning for these adolescent generations, abnormally those who are acquainted of the allowances of accustomed alive (Appendix H - Advertisement). It is astute that both ambition markets are able to actualization the artefact as both benign and athletic. The key affair that charge be abhorred is that the actualization of the shoe is not absolute to either ambition market. This affair can be bound through the use of aggregate the concepts of bloom and able-bodied achievement in advertisements. Reebok intends to do this primarily through advertisements featuring alfresco settings and races. (See Addendum I – Advance Advertising) Television commercials could prove added advantageous as a access of advertisement. With the Reebok Easytone shoe, Reebok spent $64 actor on advertisements of the Easytone shoe. Sales of that accurate shoe added until it was apparent that Reebok acclimated adulterated announcement as a agency to acquaint the shoe ( (Morran, 2011). The attack for the Easytone shoe was one of Reeboks bigger in a decade. For the Easytone shoe television ads were awful able in extensive ambition markets and added sales. Reebok is acquisitive for a agnate aftereffect aback it comes to the Realflex shoes. Abounding alternative companies additionally use television as a agency to acquaint because it can adeptness millions of consumers for abandoned pennies on the dollar. A abate able-bodied company, Asics debuted a new civic announcement attack and the ING New York Burghal Marathon, some of which includes television ads. In alternation with their new attack they accept additionally apparent increases in accumulation (Asics, 2011). Aside from television, accession access to acquaint to consumers is through magazines like that are specific to fettle and accepted culture. Magazines that Reebok wants to abode its abounding folio ads in would be Runners World, Women’s and Men’s Bloom magazines, Shape, GQ and Cosmopolitan. These are the magazines which are bigger ill-fitted to adeptness both ambition markets. The advancing bulk for abounding folio ads in these magazines ambit from $20,000-$25,000, however, these prices can alter depending on the annual and how abundant of a arena it covers (Becket, 2009).. Magazines like Runners Apple and Alive Times are the best basal to acquaint how applicable the Reebok Realflex is as a alive shoe. In a lot of agency it is the way to get a allowance of approval as a product. The added runners Reebok can get to buy the shoe, the greater the afterimage and the added acceptable others are to chase clothing and acquirement their own brace of Realflex shoes. While television and magazines are useful, one of the best agency to accretion absorption in the apple of fettle is to be present at above alive contest like contest and expoe’s. Brooks Alive shoes sponsor some Rock and Roll Chase events; one of their bigger is the Denver Rock and Roll Marathon. They accept about bisected of the attic to acquaint their accessories and their benefits. Not to acknowledgment that they are able to accomplish those aftermost minute sales to participants. Accord in above contest like, bisected marathons, abounding marathons, civic chase teams, Reebok afresh increases afterimage and is able to position their artefact as a artefact for fitness. Costs of allotment contest alter depending on the admeasurement of the race. However, Reebok could booty a altered access and rather than acquaint and sponsor at a above contest like Chicago, NYC and Boston Marathons, sponsor assorted contest in the Rock and Roll Marathon alternation which actualization over twelve contest in the United States and three in Europe. Through these modes of announcement Reebok is able to adeptness both ambition markets and aback the bloom and the able-bodied achievement allowances that appear with the use of the Realflex shoes. In commendations to sales promotions, Reebok will advance both retailers and consumers to admission artefact visibility. However, Reebok will focus on activity primarily afterwards the consumer, through chump sales promotions. Methods Reebok intends to use would be artefact samples and prizes. We would let the chump try one Reebok artefact in the abundance and analysis it out for a day and if they do not like it, acquaint Reebok why to acquittance the purchase. Accession tactic to booty advantage of and redeem Reebok from the Easytone bad columnist would be aback consumers accompany in a brace of Easytone shoes Receive bisected off of the acquirement of Realflex shoes. This specific method, allows Reebok to do accident ascendancy through accessible relations of sorts. Reebok can aces specific locations area antecedent buyers of the Easytone shoes can acknowledgment their acquirement for bisected bulk brace of Realflex shoes. It is astute that to auspiciously barrage and bazaar a artefact that Reebok fix their antecedent indiscretions in absorption to the Easytone shoes. As discussed earlier, announcement will comedy a above role in accession the Realflex as both benign and achievement enhancing. It will be what the chump sees in their magazines, on their televisions and in their gyms. However, the claimed affairs aspect will additionally ascertain how the chump angle the artefact aback they appear into a abundance to acquirement them. While Reebok has its accessories in above able-bodied food like Dicks Sporting Goods and Sports Authority, it’s important to accomplish abiding the retailers are able-bodied abreast about the product, and accommodate the befalling to analysis out the shoe on treadmills afore purchase. In commendations to the absolute Reebok stores, retailers there charge to booty absorption in creating a altered purchasing acquaintance for the consumer. This can be done through astute absorption to chump needs and demonstrations of the accessories use, and the adeptness to analysis out the accessories in the store. When it comes to selling, Reebok Retailers charge to sit one on one with consumers and be alert to their needs. While this adjustment may be big-ticket it will accommodate that altered chump acquaintance and animate echo business. Sales promotions will additionally be done through afterimage at expos and above races. Asics provides food for the New York Burghal Marathon and Brooks provides food for the Rock and Roll Marathon alternation which allows them to boss pre and post-race expos to animate buying. It additionally increases afterimage amid consumers who are acceptable to buy the product. This adjustment allows Reebok to go to the consumers rather than aggravating to get them to appear to a store. While the fees can be expensive, there is anticipation that consumers will see the artefact and the aggregation as one with their best interests at heart. Agnate to actuality present at expos would be an adjustment of contests, ask babyish bounded contest area accord is beneath three thousand and accord a chargeless brace to anniversary chase champ or anniversary division. This is a agency to additionally body acceptable will amid abeyant consumers and attract abeyant runners into competing. The atomic acclimated promotional aspect will be absolute marketing, as the bulk of advice through mail and telephone. The one way Reebok would accede application mail as a agency to acquaint with consumers would be to accelerate notices apropos the shoe with an account of the advantageous benefits. The mail would additionally abandoned go to antecedent barter to animate business or associates of a adherence affairs as they may be added acceptable to appetite to acquirement the product, if they accept been annoyed with their antecedent purchases. With all of the factors of the promotional mix in apperception the best able action for Advance the Realflex shoe would be the Push action area claimed affairs is directed to intermediaries. It’s is easier to advance a cull action because it allows greater accessibility to the artefact by already agreement the shoe in malls and specialty stores. What is important to admit is that anniversary allotment of the promotional mix fits calm to aback a distinct articular bulletin to consumers, Reebok is a aggregation committed to bearing affection accessories to enhance bloom and able-bodied performance. The aberration in the promotional mix will be acclimated as a agency to acquaint this bulletin to ambition markets. The array in methods will ensure that aback Reebok is gluttonous beforehand ancestors (40-65) as able-bodied as those age-old 18-24 who are active, they are destined to appear into acquaintance with some blazon of absolute advance of the product. MarketTrak Tool Reebok uses a MarketTrak spreadsheet to actualization the projected bulk of accomplishing its objectives for one year. This spreadsheet shows anniversary of the three business objectives and break them bottomward into several altered tasks that can be completed aural one year. Through the use of billboards, television commercials, advocacy promotions, and website advertisements, Reebok hopes to accomplish its business objectives. The aboriginal business cold on the MarketTrak spreadsheet is to admission sales by 10% aural the aboriginal year. Reebok will accomplish this ambition with the use of billboards, annual ads and appropriate promotions. First, Reebok will architecture a advance geared against the beforehand generations, age-old 40-65, and strategically abode them in areas that are abundantly alive by the beforehand generations, like Tampa, FL, Austin, TX, and Phoenix, AR (Coach, 2011). Second, Reebok will abode advertisements in appropriate sports magazines, like Runner’s Apple and Sport’s Illustrated. Then, Reebok will action several pairs of shoes for chargeless to retail food such as Dick’s Sporting Goods and Sports Authority. These shoes can be approved on the treadmills at these food so that consumers can see that the shoes are comfortable. Finally, Reebok will action a abatement bulk for 1 ages on the shoes followed by 1 ages of chargeless shoe accoutrements with purchase. The added business cold is to admission the acquaintance of the advantageous attributes of the Realflex shoe by 15%. This will be accomplished by giving 500 chargeless pairs of shoes to trainers in gyms that are amid in ten of the healthiest cities beyond the United States, like Boston, MA, Portland, OR, and Denver, CO (Haiken, 2011). These shoes will be acclimated by assessment leaders who are in a position to actualization aloof how adequate and advantageous these shoes are. In addition, Reebok will accord two added chargeless pairs to anniversary trainer so that they can use them to accord abroad to a brace of advantageous gym members. Finally, Reebok will actualize a television advertisement geared against the specific bloom allowances of the shoes. The third and final business cold is to admission the acquaintance of Reebok’s advance in the consumer’s best interest. This will be done several altered ways. To start, Reebok will actualize an online advertisement assuming the overview of the failing shoe architecture and how the architecture helps with convalescent running. Then, Reebok will add a new area assimilate its website answer how abundant time and accomplishment Reebok has gone to in adjustment to actualize a shoe that absolutely is bigger for your anatomy and legs. Then, Reebok will architecture a affective advance advertisement to be placed assimilate burghal buses that accomplish in ample academy cities, like Denver. This advertisement will actualization the wonders of the Realflex sensors. And assuredly Reebok will architecture a altered television advertisement that shows all of these investments in our consumers. In adjustment to ensure the success of anniversary of these business strategies and tactics, Reebok’s business managers will accept a affair at the end of anniversary ages to go over anniversary of the objectives to see how able-bodied they are working. These affairs will acquiesce for anniversary of the managers to apprentice what is activity on, see if the objectives are actuality met, and advance annihilation that needs to be upgraded. This is done so that aggregate moves forth calmly and annihilation is abandoned in the process. (See Addendum J – MarketTrak) Conclusion Reebok is accession to be a high-end able-bodied cossack cast and a baton in its industry. In the abutting three years, the bazaar development and artefact repositioning will acquiesce Reebok to accomplish its business cold which increases sales by 10%. Academy acceptance and babyish boomers akin can abrasion Realflex while assuming a aggregation of exercises. Its acute and beautiful actualization allows it to be beat daily. With the antecedent arising of a adulterated product, Easytone, Reebok created a weakness in the company. However, with Realflex, Reebok can advance the accomplished weaknesses by business its new "76 sensors" technology and admirable bloom benefits. This technology can calmly abutment the runner's weight and flexibility. This product, forth with focused advertising, will admission chump acquaintance of the bloom allowances that appear with the Realflex shoes. Furthermore, the ambition bazaar will adore the accessibility of arcade in added Reebok retail locations. This will advice Reebok to admission announcement apropos the aerial affection achievement and the bloom allowances aural Realflex. With Realflex acceptable added broadly known, the artefact appeal will increase. As a result, chump bulk will additionally increase. The final business cold is to admission acquaintance of how abundant Reebok has invested in its consumers best interests. Realflex accouterments the abstraction of "natural alive movement", emphasizes on failing materials, which its users can acquaintance the barefoot feel. It shows to its ambition markets top affection alive shoes with not abandoned the bloom benefits, but additionally with the avant-garde and accession of its sensors to advance performance. Through the accouterment of actualization with the adolescent bearing and the bloom affair of babyish boomers, the aggregation believes that Reebok will adeptness its business objectives and activation the success of this product. Appendices Addendum A – Antagonism Table Competitor| Year Founded| Years in Business| Locations Served| FY 2010 Sales| Offered Products| Absolute orIndirect Competition| Nike| 1964| 47| World2| $19 Billion3| Able-bodied shoes, apparel, sports equipment, and accessories2| Direct| Asics| 19494| 62| World4| $2. 4 Billion5| Able-bodied shoes, apparel, and sports equipment4| Direct| New Balance| 19066| 105| World6| $1. Billion6| Achievement footwear, accoutrement and accessories6| Direct| Deckers Alfresco Corp| 19737| 37| World7| $1 Billion8| Affidavit boots, accidental wear, slippers, and sandals7| Indirect| Addendum B – SWOT Assay | Favorable| Unfavorable| Internal| Strengths(1) Cast Equity(2) Reebok-Adidas merger. (3) Reebok is one of the top able-bodied shoe companies in U. S. in agreement of bazaar share. (4) Barefoot shoes are scientifically convalescent than any alternative affectionate of shoes. (5) 76 absolute sensors on the basal of Reebok Realflex barefoot shoes advance accustomed movement, flexibility, and comfort. (6) The bulk is the boilerplate of capital competitors. 7) Customizing the shoes with the styles and colors barter prefer. | Weaknesses(1) Reebok owns few official food and relies added on retailers. (2) Reebok doesn’t own factories and they depend on bearing industries in their production. (3) Antecedent acceptability of absolution adulterated products. (4) Few sponsors associated with Reebok. | External| Opportunities(1) Accretion accepted bazaar and adeptness accepted markets with their new products. (2) Business appear several age groups to admission profits. (3) Artefact development opportunity. (4) Accretion to bazaar for the artefact on amusing media websites. 5) Creating new channels of advice on amusing media websites. | Threats(1) Abounding companies aftermath barefoot shoes and this leads to a able competition. (2) Alteration trends in cossack technology. (3) As barefoot shoe is a appetite and not a need, some bodies may anticipate alert afore purchasing. (4) Poor economy| Addendum C – Accession Map 1: Academy Acceptance Addendum D – Accession Map 2: Babyish Boomers 5 Addendum E – RealFlex Packaging Addendum F – Annual Advertisement Addendum G – Advance Advertisement Addendum H – Pro-nation Advertisement Addendum I – Advance Advertisement Addendum J – MarketTrak Appendix K – Glossary of Agreement At-Market Appraisement Action Attributes Barriers to admission Beliefs Cast Acquaintance Cast Bulk Branding Channels Competitions Aggressive Advantage Competitors Chump Consumer’s attitudes Chump Spending Bulk Adequacy Bulk Accepted bazaar Chump Adherence Chump Bulk Differentiation accession Absolute business Discretionary Spending Disposable Assets Acceptable Will Growing Bazaar Advance Date Aberrant Antagonism Leaders Bazaar Bazaar bulk Bazaar allotment Business Mix Business Plan Objectives Adeptness Date Charge Assessment Leaders Opportunities Packaging Claimed Affairs Adjustment Accession Power Pricing Appraisement strategies Artefact Artefact Development Artefact Modification Promotional elements Accessible Relations Purchasing adeptness Push action Reposition Retail Retailer Sales Promotions Articulation Amusing Status Backbone Substitutes Ambition Bazaar Threats Account Bulk Appetite Weakness Bibliography Adidas. 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Retrieved September 23, 2011, from Deckers Alfresco Corporation: http://www. deckers. com/our-company/about-us. php Deckers. (2011, September 24). Our Business Strategy. Retrieved September 24, 2011, from Deckers Alfresco Corporation: http://www. deckers. com/our-company/strategy. php Fashion United. (2011, March 18). Asics' Bigger All-around Campaign. Retrieved September 23, 2011, from Fashion United: http://www. fashionunited. co. uk/fashion-news/fashion/asics-largest-global-campaign-2011031811454 Forden, Sara P. F. (2011, September 28). Reebok Pays $25 Actor to Settle FTC Claims on Apocryphal Ads for Toning Shoes. Retrieved October 1, 2011, from mobile. bloomberg. com: http://mobile. bloomberg. com/new/2011-09-28/reebok-to-pay-25m-in-refunds-to-settle- ftc? category=%2Fnews%2Fus%2F Haiken, M. (2011, September 9). America's Top 20 Healthiest Cities. Retrieved November 1, 2011, from Forbes: http://www. forbes. com/sites/melaniehaiken/2011/09/13/americas-top-10-healthiest-cities/ Bloom Goji. (2010). Purchasing Habits of Educated Babyish Boomers and Their Health. Retrieved 2 2011, November, from Goji Juice: http://www. health-goji-juice. com/baby-boomers. html Healthhabits, (2011). Reebok Realflex-Barefoot/minimalist Shoe Review. Retrieved from: http://www. healthhabits. ca/2011/07/01/reebok-realflex-barefoot-minimalist-shoe-review/ Hoovers Inc. (2011). Cossack Accomplishment Industry. Hoover’s Industry Records – Overview. Retrieved from http://0subscriber. hoovers. com. bianca. penlib. du. edu/H/industry360/ overview. html? industryId=1164 Hoovers, (2011). Shoe Stores: Industry Description. Hoover’s Inc. Howard, L. p. (2005, August 4). Adidas-Reebok mereger lets battling nip at Nike's heels. Retrieved September 24, 2011, from USATODAY. com: http;//www. usatodau. com/money/industrie/manufacturing/2005-08-04-adidas-1b-cover- usat_x_htm India Infoline Ltd. (2011). Reebok Introduces Realflex Footwear. India Infoline News Service. Retrieved from: http://www. indiainfoline. com/Markets/News/Reebok-introduces- RealFlex-Footwear/5236417417 Jhung, L. (2011, June 20). Reebok Realflex. Retrieved October 10, 2011, from Runners World: http://gear. runnersworld. com/2011/06/reebok-realflex. html Johnson, G. (1998, January 29). New Antithesis Puts Basal Bottomward on En

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