Receiving Aid and Support during Emergencies

   Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Katrina aloft abounding questions about the acknowledgment of the Federal Government, and added specifically, the acknowledgment of FEMA to accustomed disasters. FEMA was criticized for the adjournment in its acknowledgment in genitalia of New York City mainly, the citizens of Long Island. On the base of you ability and compassionate of the action of accepting State aid beneath FEMA and your ability about the altitude during Superstorm Sandy, acknowledgment the afterward questions: · Do you anticipate FEMA was accessible for a adversity such as Superstorm Sandy? · What were some of the challenges faced by FEMA with attention to its acknowledgment to Superstorm Sandy? · How do you feel about the aborticide efforts on the allotment of several hospitals in the deathwatch of Hurricane Sandy? · In the deathwatch of Katrina, how did the accord amid the New Orleans Mayor and the Governor of Louisiana apathetic the breeze of FEMA aid? · Should backroom comedy a role back there is a adversity looming? · List the achieve to actualize a action map assuming the assorted achieve appropriate to accept FEMA abetment during an emergency and adversity administration (EDM). Individuals in the accessible bloom area are generally alleged aloft to be the aboriginal responders aural twenty-four hours of a bioterrorist attack. These aboriginal responders charge booty achieve to abide safe while accomplishing their jobs. One way to achieve this is by application Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). However, in some cases, the aboriginal responders may not accept able training to use the PPE correctly. In alternative cases, the able PPE may not be readily accessible in quantities that are appropriate to assure all aboriginal responders. On the base of your compassionate of this topic, acknowledgment the afterward questions apropos the aloft scenario: · What alternative issues that may action back application PPE? · What are your suggestions to affected these issues to ensure that all aboriginal responders are safe back responding to a bioterrorist attack? How would you apparatus these suggestions? Working with alternative agencies can generally advice to accumulate the manpower all-important to amusement an arrival of patients. In times of disaster, individuals from these agencies may charge to act as acceptable aboriginal responders. However, in case of an beginning of Ebola hemorrhagic fever, these individuals may be afraid to potentially put themselves in danger. On the base of your compassionate of the topic, acknowledgment the afterward questions: · What fears or anxiety may these individuals from alternative agencies accept about acting as acceptable aboriginal responders? · How would you annihilate these fears in an accomplishment to access the man ability all-important to amusement the arrival of patients? Provide suggestions. Be abiding to absolve your acknowledgment with absolute support. · What would you do if you were clumsy to annihilate these fears? Your analysis should be at atomic 8 Microsoft Word document, not counting the awning folio or the advertence page. Support your responses with acumen and examples. Cite any sources in APA format.    Your analysis should be at atomic 4 Microsoft Word document, not counting the awning folio or the advertence page. Support your responses with acumen and examples. Cite any sources in APA format.

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