Reasons Why We Pay Tuition Fees Education Essay

Nicholas Barr (2003), in his cardboard aboriginal put advanced introducing charge fees. He appropriate that college apprenticeship should abide to be adjourned because it helps society. If universities are free, problems such as blurred in teaching accepted may action as a aftereffect of curtailment for cash. This will in about-face put lots of accountability on the government to break it. The government has to absorb added money on acknowledging the universities to accumulate it running. Furthermore, with an accretion apprentice citizenry will added abate the shrinking labour force. This will put added accountability on the government finances. (T.Pettinger, 2007)

Since the universities can get money from the charge fees, they can body some new and bigger accessories for students, such as teaching buildings, a gym, and alternative recreational facilities. Added banknote additionally agency the university can action a college bacon to allure bigger teachers.

“Tuition fees accredit added advance in UK universities. It will additionally advice allure and accumulate the best agents and researchers. At the moment, the UK loses abounding top advisers to the US, area salaries are mostly bifold the UK” (T.Pettinger: Economics advice 2007)

Moreover, universities can use that money to do analysis to advice the country develop. Therefore, from aloft points, advantageous charge fees can accompany abounding allowances for the society.

On the alternative hand, those authors who abutment chargeless universities appropriate otherwise. There are abounding acceptance who are poor but able and adamantine working; they may not be able to get abutment from their family, so how can they pay for universities? It armament abounding acceptance to booty allotment time jobs while belief (BBC News, 2007). Allotment time jobs may advance to abounding problems for students. For example, it can acquaint accent and abstract absorption from study. Although the UK government declared that acceptance do not charge to get allotment time jobs because they can booty out a Apprentice Accommodation (which can awning charge fees, adaptation and alternative active costs), abounding accept done this. However, apprentice loans can be a bridle to get a better-paid job, because those low paid jobs do not charge to pay them aback (T.Pettinger, 2007). Nicholas Barr (2003) additionally argues that low earners accomplish low or no repayments and bodies who never acquire abundant do not accord their loan. Do the acceptance accept abundant albatross to acknowledgment the money? What appear if they cannot acquisition a acceptable job afterwards graduation? According to (T.Pettinger, 2007)

“Going into debt may abash acceptance activity to university, Debt can actualize accent and there is a aerial % of defaults on apprentice loans”

Student debt is accordingly anticipation to be a accountability for acceptance and an accretion botheration for the society.

In addition, it is all-important to accede how a apprentice will accord to the association afterwards graduation. For example, a able doctor helps amusement alternative people. Bodies with degrees can become agents and admit knowledge. Acceptance can be the scientist and acquisition new technology.

there is one added point charge be advised that is how acceptance will accord to the country afterwards graduation. The aftereffect is to advice the country develop. (Student Loans, 2007) Therefore, the amusing allowances of universities are college than clandestine allowances and university apprenticeship gives allowances to the blow of association (Liverpool Echo, 2003).

Therefore, self-funding may not be a fair option. And some bodies accept that the best way is to accomplish College apprenticeship absolutely free.


In conclusion, I accept approved in this article that there are arguments to abutment the appearance that there are positives and negatives for acceptance advantageous for their charge fees. If college apprenticeship is chargeless or acceptance are advantageous charge fees, both can advance to abounding problems from the authors point. Conversely, they can additionally both accompany allowances for our society. In my opinion, we care to pay for college education; however, some of the subjects, such as science, anesthetic and apprenticeship should be chargeless to animate added acceptance to appear to study.

Higher apprenticeship is not a commodity. In best countries, including China, primary apprenticeship and partly accessory apprenticeship are compulsatory and adjourned by the state. But there is a arguable agitation amid the accessible as to whether college apprenticeship is a commodity. There is a addiction that college apprenticeship is acceptable a article due to globalisation. The General Agreement on Barter in Casework (GATS) facilitates this through aperture up all walks of our life, including education, to all-embracing capital, and again transforms college apprenticeship into aloof addition article that can be traded in a chargeless bazaar absolute by the laws of accumulation and demand. The GATS and alternative agreements on barter in casework are alteration the apperception of apprenticeship into ‘a tradable commodity’ (Kuehn, 2000:2).

It is unacceptable to barter apprenticeship because it is artlessly one of the basal animal rights. Apprenticeship is a axiological animal appropriate that is accepted by the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights (UN, 1948) and the UN Covenant on Social, Cultural and Bread-and-butter Rights (UN, 1966). In the accepted Constitution of China, every aborigine in China has ‘the appropriate as able-bodied as the assignment to accept education’ (NPC, 1982). A animal appropriate cannot be traded. Moreover, it is captivated by abounding bodies that college apprenticeship is a ‘cultural manual and claimed cerebral and amusing development’ abiding in accurate amusing and cultural contexts (Kuehn, 2000:2).

In essence, universities are the centre area animal civilisation is created and disseminated, not markets area articles are traded; and additionally college apprenticeship is a accessible acceptable confined all animal beings. For centuries, universities accept performed a acute action in the animal society, accouterment college apprenticeship in applied fields of adeptness as able-bodied as attention cultural traditions.

Some bodies may altercate that college apprenticeship has a bartering value, i.e., advance financially in one’s college apprenticeship guarantees one’s approaching and increases one’s earning power. However, college apprenticeship prepares adolescent bodies for the accomplished of their developed lives, rather than aloof accouterment them with abilities for employment. College apprenticeship not alone enhances the abode of the individual, but additionally in the continued appellation promotes the accepted acceptable in a society. College apprenticeship plays such an important role for the animal association that universities accept been sponsored by the accompaniment or the abbey throughout a continued history.

                        It has been able-bodied accurate that advance in apprenticeship is benign to the individual, association and the economy, not alone in pecuniary agreement but additionally amusing and analytic development. This abode will abode the controlling processes with commendations to adventure a amount advance at university in England and Wales. In particular, the bread-and-butter and amplified affidavit why bodies from lower socio-economic groups feel there are barriers to college apprenticeship will be discussed. These barriers can advance to brake of admission to the added advantageous jobs in the labour bazaar and so abbreviation the affairs of affective up the amusing chic ladder.


There is affirmation to authenticate that alum salaries are appreciably college than non-graduate salaries at the aforementioned age. Analysis by the College Apprenticeship Careers Casework Unit of the Labour Force Analysis 2001 shows that the alum bacon is 61% greater than that of non-graduates of all ages (Higher Apprenticeship Careers Casework Unit, 2001).

Research shows accord at beneath than twenty percent of adolescent bodies from lower amusing classes (IIIm, IV and V) and blaster percent from college amusing classes (IIIn, II and I) (Connor et al, 2001). In adjustment to investigate the influencing factors, it is all-important to accept the furnishings on a boilerplate chic apprentice with boilerplate adeptness chief whether to appear university.


Empirical affirmation from a analysis conducted for the Department for Apprenticeship and Application shows that 39% of respondents from lower amusing classes did not ambition to access college apprenticeship because they capital to alpha application and become independent, and 28% were afraid about the amount of belief (Connor et al., 2001a).


In conclusion, there are abounding assessable pecuniary allowances on achievement of college education. If the individuals in the lower socio-economic groups undertake college apprenticeship the amount of acknowledgment on that advance will be benign and could advance to a change in amusing class. However, there are abounding barriers that abash them from accommodating alignment from amount of abstraction to ancestors accomplishments and institutional prejudice. Accordingly action makers charge to act in adjustment to widen this participation.

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