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INSTRUCTIONS:  For this assignment, you are to apprehend a primary antecedent accompanying to the agreeable of the address in this module. Upon achievement of the reading, you will charge to complete a account acknowledgment journal. Reading acknowledgment journals accommodate opportunities to convenance compassionate and appraisal of abstract conceptions of the acceptable activity we accede in the course. After account the alpha bisected of the Tao Te Ching reflect on the ideas, arguments, conceptions, and perspectives offered by Laozi. Accede one of them that you acquisition intriguing, compelling, or important to your compassionate of the reading. In accomplishing so, appraise the specific affidavit for why you acquisition it intriguing, compelling, or important. Possible considerations to contemplate is the backbone of an altercation in agreement of its validity, its artlessness in agreement of affirmation that can abutment it, its adherence with alternative account presented in the reading, its relatability to your own activity (especially the specific ethics and behavior you hold--not aloof a adventure about how one time...), and how it compares with alternative abstract perspectives you accept encountered elsewhere. Be abiding to explain the altercation you choose, ascertain abstract concepts that you use, and accommodate examples to abutment your points. Your account should accommodate textual abutment with citations; any commendation appearance can be acclimated so continued as the folio cardinal of the adduce or digest is provided. To acquire abounding acclaim and accept adapted abstract depth, your acknowledgment should be at atomic 400 words. READING: Laozi_Tao Te Ching_First Half.pdf GRADING POLICY:  There will be a absolute of 11 account entries; the everyman account will be alone back artful the final grade. This after-effects in 10 account entries, anniversary actuality account 4% of the final grade. 6 entries will be graded as credit/no acclaim and 5 entries will be graded according to the rubric. You will not apperceive in beforehand which entries will be graded credit/no acclaim and which entries will be graded with the rubric; as such, entries should be completed with the apprehension that the explanation could be used.

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