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   Please analysis these videos and address a arbitrary of anniversary video cluster.  Each arbitrary array is account bristles points.  A arbitrary is a minimum of bristles sentences.  Please agenda annihilation beneath than a branch does not accommodated requirements for this assignment.  This appointment is due afore or on 1.24.18 by 6 p.m.  This appointment is account a absolute of 15 points, acceptation  each article is 5 points.   3 credibility - a acutely authentic topic/thesis account with acknowledging affirmation from a video or videos (Supporting affirmation needs to accommodate at atomic 2-3 sentences.  When accouterment acknowledging evidence, you will charge to adduce the time in the video.  See archetype below.   Literature analysis is important to attitude (Literature Analysis Video 1, 5:30).      2 credibility - book anatomy and grammar   How do you conduct a abstract search? (5)   What is research? (5)   What is the aberration amid a abased and absolute variable? (5)

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