Reading: Plato’s Symposium (1) Read the Symposium anxiously and watch the lectures (2) Pick two of the speeches that you begin absorbing and use them to acknowledge to the afterward prompt: (a) In your own words, explain the basal agreeable of the two speeches. This abrupt arbitrary should be no added than 300 words for the two speeches combined. You should try to abridge actual concisely the approach of adulation in anniversary of the two speeches. In your summary, you should analyze the two speeches. (b) Once you've abbreviated the two speeches, advance your own assay by responding to the afterward questions: (i) How would you ascertain romantic love? Is romantic love accustomed or is it article created by culture? How accept avant-garde technologies, such as Facebook and online dating, adapted adventurous love? Accept they destroyed love, or fabricated it added accesible to people? Is adulation article that can be planned for, or does it consistently appear spontaneously, by chance? Use the the concepts developed in the two speeches to acknowledgment these questions, and again accommodate your own thoughts about it. Use the speeches as a starting point, and again accommodate your own thoughts about love. This allotment should be at atomic 750 words. (ii) Once you've answered a and b.i, altercate the following: How does Plato's Symposium advice you accept adulation better?  (3) In one abbreviate paragraph, advance your conclusions Guidelines Should be 3-4 pages Double spaced Times New Roman 12 point font Follow all word-length requirements (listed in anniversary section) You charge altercate the argument by Plato thoroughly. Failure to altercate the account by Plato will aftereffect in a point deduction.  VERY IMPORTANT: Please do not accommodate any quotes from the argument or from accessory sources. All quotations will accept a 5 point deduction. I am alone absorbed in what you accept to say. Just accredit to the argument and altercate it. Do NOT accommodate a works cited page, back you won't be commendation the text. I apperceive which argument you are application and apropos to, so there is no charge for a works cited page. 

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