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English 1001 requires you to booty added classes including English 105 and 106, alone I do not like this adjustment of classes but I do adore my 105 chic out of all of them, because of this I am consistently accustomed bags of account material! In my 1001 chic I afresh apprehend an commodity alleged "O. K. Glass" by Gary Shteyngart which is an commodity about the glasses developed by Google that can booty pictures, almanac video, accredit video babble with addition being over Skype, and abounding alternative functions. When I was account this commodity about 2 weeks ago it became acutely ambagious to amount out ho was talking either the columnist or the being he was interviewing. I acclimated this commodity to address a analytical assay essay, analytical the aspects of the commodity and chief whether I agreed with the columnist or not. The Account was about how the columnist was able to get ahold of a brace Google Glass and he was arrive by Google to appear their Google Basecamp, which was to advise him about the functions of Google Glass and all the possibilities application these glasses could produce. Shteyngart went about interviewing bodies on what they anticipation of Glass and additionally conducted his wn tests on it as a allotment of this article. For this account I chose KWL+, alone I feel this action works the best for me it helps me bethink what I apprehend and shows me what I already knew. Some of the questions I came up with for this account were why did Google not accomplish the glasses accordant with Apple products, I apprehend they are competitors but added than 70% of the citizenry that would buy Google Glass has an Apple IPhone. The acumen you appetite the glasses to be accordant is because back they are synced the glasses they will appearance your buzz awning through the lasses and you are additionally able to accept a buzz alarm after captivation your phone. I additionally wondered about the affection of the camera on the glasses, because the glasses are adequately baby I wondered if it was as acceptable as an IPhone camera. What I did apprentice from application KWL+ was that the audio recording on the glasses sounds like you are underwater back you talk, absolutely commodity Google needs to assignment on. Also this accent will alone address to those accommodating to pay a ample amount tag of $1 500 for this brace of tech glasses. Alike with the amount tag in application about anybody thinks hey are awesome: "that is so dope' says a academy studentm (O. K. Glass). I accept Google Glass absolutely has a abode in todays association of anytime advancing technology, 10 years ago commodity like this would be exceptional of as able-bodied as way over the amount tag of $1500. If Google is able to assignment out the kinks with the affinity with Apple articles I anticipate the glasses will advertise alike better, and additionally alive out the issues with the articulation recognition. Shteyngart's commodity was almost unbiased, it absolutely did a abundant job of absorption on what the bodies anticipation of the glasses and what didn't assignment and hat formed beeline advanced and no ambiguous statistics were in the article. One affair that helps Google Glass is that it is the aboriginal of its kind, annihilation like this is accessible anywhere else. The glasses are appointed to be appear in 2014 so we will accept to delay and see if Google is able to assignment out the kinks with its product. I plan to analysis the Glasses back the aboriginal absolute reviews appear out in 2014 because I am aflame to see if they are absolutely account buying. I will absolutely use the KWL+ action afresh because it works the best for me and helps me absorb advice doesn't assignment able-bodied I will use ole faithful, KWL+.

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