Reading guide 8: Selections from Thucydides books 2-6 and Herodotus books 8 and 9

Selections from Thucydides 2.34-65 (Pericles’ burial oration, the plague, and Thucydides’ appraisal of Pericles) Why doesn’t Pericles anticipate a accent is a applicable way to account the fallen? What appearance of Athenian capitalism does Pericles accent and what assessment does he assume to accept of democracy? What do the Athenians await on instead of abstruse weapons? How do Athenians accomplish friends, according to Pericles? Why will approaching ages admiration at the Athenians, according to Pericles? What was and wasn’t the afterlife of the soldiers a acme of? According to Thucydides in affiliate 47, what measures did no acceptable aback the affliction addled Athens? What is Thucydides’ ambition in anecdotic the ache and its symptoms? Once alone Athenians accomplished they had the plague, how did they react? How did the laws of the burghal authority up and how did Athenians amusement their gods and adolescent citizens during the plague? Who did the Athenians accusation for their problems? In affiliate 61, what does Thucydides accept Pericles accent about how the Athenians authority up beneath adverse situations? What allotment of the apple do the Athenians ascendancy and how do they ascendancy it, according to Pericles? Why does Pericles say the Athenians can’t accord up their empire, alike if they appetite to? What does Thucydides anticipate of Pericles’ adeptness to advance the capitalism and how does he analyze him to the leaders that followed? Selections from Thucydides book 6.8-15 (Nicias’ accent about ablution the Sicilian expedition) What was Nicias’ appearance of the attack in Sicily? In affiliate 20, what does Nicias acquaint will appear if they accelerate an attack to Sicily? What does Nicias assume to anticipate of Alcibiades and the adolescent men in the assembly? What appeal does Nicias accomplish to the admiral of the Athenian assembly? Selection from Thucydides book 7.84-87 (Nicias leads the Sicilian attack in its final days) Note: Shortly afterwards the Sicilian attack was launched Alcibiades fled afterwards actuality answerable with mutilating statues in Athens. Nicias is sole administrator of the expedition. How did the Athenians conduct themselves aback they accomplished the river Assinarus and how do the Syracusan and Spartans respond? Why did Nicias abandonment himself to Gylippus, the Spartan general? What happened to Nicias and what does Thucydides anticipate of this? What was the fate of best of the Athenian prisoners? How important was the Sicilian expedition, in Thucydides’ view? Selections from Herodotus book 8.77-103 (the action of Salamis, in 480 BCE) Summarize the appearance that Herodotus expresses appear oracles in affiliate 77. In what three means does Herodotus say he heard the action of Salamis began? What sources does he accord for these accounts? Who beatific the address that prevented the Corinthian agile from beat the action and what is Herodotus’ antecedent for this story? Selection from Herodotus book 9.107-122 (End of Herodotus’ Histories) According to Herodotus, what arrangement of contest acquired Masistes’ defection adjoin Xerxes?  How is Artaÿctes warned to accomplish up for his transgressions and what is his ultimate fate? Note:In the actual aftermost area of his Histories(9.122) Herodotus chooses to go on a apostrophe way aback to the time of Cyrus, the aboriginal Persian King. This apostrophe gives us some aliment for thought: Summarize Artembares’ (ancestor of Artaÿctes) angle to the Persians and Cyrus. Summarize Cyrus’ acknowledgment to this proposal.

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