Reading and watching are totally different

Reading and watching are absolutely different: one describes things by words, while the alternative uses beheld actions. To some bodies who adore reading, they can acquisition absorption in books with imagination. Personally, I like movies added than books, because I can accept added by visualization. Back I apprehend “A Rose for Emily,” I couldn’t accept the adventure at first. Then back I watched the movie, it helped me to accept added about what’s activity on about Emily, with added capacity and archival events. The adventure told in Faulkner’s adjustment is not archival which is harder for clairvoyant to understand. I begin out some differences of the adventure in the book compared with the movie. In the book, the columnist mentions about the taxes added than in the movie. The mayors accelerate to Emily a tax apprehension but there is no reply. They address her academic letter, and alike appear to her abode to allocution about it. The alone book Emily can say to them is that “I accept no taxes in Jefferson.” The cine alone shows a arena that Emily accustomed a lot of tax apprehension belletrist which she has never replied once. Afterwards her father’s death, Emily becomes poor and has no assets back she has been alone depending on her farther. I assumption in the movie, it focuses added on her accord with Homer which the book doesn’t appearance much. I didn’t apperceive Emily beddy-bye with Homer until I saw the movie. As I apprehend the appellation of the book, I accepted article charge be accompanying to rose in the story, but I couldn’t acquisition it afterwards I accomplished the story. I were afraid by the end of the movie, back Emily died, bodies put a rose in her tomb which fabricated added faculty to me due to the title. One added altered affair is the fiber of gray beard is begin in Homer’s duke but not on the pillow as it is in the book. At the end, the adventure charcoal a abstruseness about Emily and Homer. Why does Emily annihilate Homer? And back is it in the story? Does she beddy-bye with him accustomed or aloof the aftermost day of her life? Does Tobe abatement in adulation with Emily? These questions were neither answered in the cine nor in the book. The columnist larboard us article to anticipate about, article to criticize on our own. In my opinion, I anticipate that Emily kills Homer because she loves him and she wants him to be with her for the blow of her life. We all apperceive that Emily avalanche in adulation with Homer, but what about Homer? Does he adulation her? All the bodies in boondocks are adage that Homer is not a marrying man. So, alike admitting they are dating and sleeping together, Emily knows that he will not ally her, and one day he will leave her aloof like her father. This makes her anticipate about a way to accumulate Homer with her forever. I assumption this is the acumen she wants to annihilate him. There is a arena area they accommodated at the aperture of a biologic store, in which Homer doesn’t appearance any account or affection to her. That makes Emily added bent about her plan of adulteration Homer. At the end, her cousins acquisition Homer’s anatomy on the bed and a fiber of gray beard on his hand. This indicates that Emily does beddy-bye with the afterlife anatomy but we don’t apperceive back Emily has been accomplishing that. So, I still admiration that how appear she doesn’t annihilate herself afterwards him back she has annihilation left.

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