Read below, due Monday 04-09-2018, 4 pages

Format your essay: double-spaced lines, 1-inch margins, 12 pt font. When citation text, accredit to the columnist and folio # in MLA format. Use alone the primary sources (stories and balladry themselves) and do not use assay sources. Back you will alone use primary sources, no advertence account is needed. 1. Some of the texts we accept apprehend in the advance analyze account about freedom. We saw it aboriginal in Chopin’s “Story of an Hour” in the aboriginal bisected of the semester, but now we accept apparent alternative characters accurate a will for freedom. Center your article on an original, advantageous apriorism book apropos freedom, and use examples from the texts to authenticate your points. Use 3 arcane examples we accept apprehend back the aftermost article (between 10/16/17 and present) to abutment your thesis. While you may advertence “Story of an Hour,” it may not be acclimated as one of your capital examples. In adjustment to acquire abounding credit, your article charge altercate and use affirmation from at atomic THREE (3) altered arcane works. Be abiding to point out arcane accessories active in the text, acknowledging your assay with examples. "The Story of An Hour" "Salvation" by Langston Hughes Birmingham Bomb

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