Read article and answer questions(each question 200-250 words)

1. Appulse of Travel - Las Vegas Example  Please locate the afterward commodity produced by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority - What affectionate of appulse does the tourism industry accept on Las Vegas? What were some of the impacts that you didn't anticipate of above-mentioned to account the commodity (e.g. how abundant sales tax is paid by visitors against locals). What abroad stood out to you in the article? Do you anticipate tourism has the aforementioned appulse on alternative cities the aforementioned or agnate size? 2. 30 Best Places to Visit  Location the afterward commodity - Have fun with this commodity and analysis the locations. Did any abruptness you? Did you feel that some were missing? How abounding of these places accept you been and what did you anticipate of the trip? How abounding of these places do you appetite to go to and why?

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