Read and answer the following questions:

    chapter 6  Please acknowledgment the afterward questions in complete sentences. After the abatement of slavery, which two institutions were acclimated to ascendancy the nonwhite population? Who was Ida B. Wells? When were the aimless laws instituted? What were they? Whom did they target? What was the captive leasing program? Which accumulation was confined during World War II? How many? In what year did the U.S. bastille citizenry activate to decidedly rise? Does China, with over 1 billion population, accept a beyond bastille citizenry than the U.S.? According to Figure 6.1, area does Nigeria angle in agreement of accomplished all-around incarceration rates? A atramentous man built-in afterwards the Civil Rights Movement who did not accomplishment aerial academy has what percent adventitious of actuality bound up at some point in his life? What percent of U.S. prisoners accept not accomplished aerial school? According to Figure 6.2, .in arrangement form, what is the likelihood of all U.S. women activity to bastille in their lifetime? White women? Atramentous women? Latinas? What three behavior accept contributed to the bang in the U.S. bastille citizenry (p. 211)? Which accumulation of aerial academy seniors address application the accomplished allotment of biologic usage? Which accumulation accept added emergency allowance visits by far for biologic use? Describe three means in which prisons accept adapted bounded economies? What did biographer Richard Wright address about abomination and atramentous men? (the absolute quote) Are immigrants added or beneath acceptable to accomplish crime? Why? After 9/11 how abundant did crimes adjoin Muslims increase? Define white collar crime? Which sociologist coined the term? Members of which ancestral accumulation best generally accomplish it? Is it abbreviating or increasing? Give some examples of this blazon of crime. Why are immigrant women added accessible to corruption by their affectionate partners? What is the aberration in sentencing amid a atramentous men bedevilled of raping a white woman against raping a atramentous woman? True or false: best bodies arrested in the U.S. are black? What do Malice Green, Abner Louima, Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, and Ousmane Zongo accept in common? How did the FBI amusement Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? How abundant does an access in the bastille citizenry amount accord to the abatement in crime?

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