Read and Answer each question fully with 200 words or more

Read and Answer anniversary catechism absolutely with 200 words or more  Q1 A Strained Assay TeamDr. Adam Wood is the arch investigator on a 3-year, $1 actor feder-ally adjourned assay admission to abstraction bloom apprenticeship programs for earlier populations, alleged the Elder Care Project. Unlike antecedent projects, in which Dr. Wood formed abandoned or with one or two alternative investigators, on this activity Dr. Wood has 11 colleagues. His activity aggregation is fabricated up of two co-investigators (with PhDs), four action agents (with MAs), and bristles accepted agents associates (with BAs). One year into the project, it has become credible to Dr. Wood and the aggregation that the activity is underbudgeted and has too few resources. Aggregation associates are spending 20%–30% added time on the activity than has been approaching to pay them. Regardless of the ability strain, all aggregation associates are committed to the project; they accept in its goals and the accent of its out-comes. Dr. Wood is accepted throughout the country as the foremost academic in this breadth of bloom apprenticeship research. He is generally asked to serve on civic assay and advising boards. His advertisement almanac is additional to none. In addition, his colleagues in the university apperceive Dr. Wood as a actual competent researcher. People appear to Dr. Wood for admonition on assay architecture and alignment questions. They additionally appear to him for questions about abstract formulations. He has a acceptability as addition who can see the big account on assay projects.Despite his assay competence, there are problems on Dr. Wood’s assay team. Dr. Wood worries there is a abundant accord of assignment to be done but that the associates of the aggregation are not devoting acceptable time to the Elder Care Project. He is balked because abounding of the circadian assay tasks of the activity are falling into his lap. He enters a assay meeting, throws his anthology bottomward on the table, and says, “I ambition I’d never taken this activity on. It’s demography way too abundant of my time. The blow of you aren’t affairs your fair share.” Aggregation associates feel affronted at Dr. Wood’s comments. Although they account his competence, they acquisition his administration appearance frustrating. His abrogating comments at agents meet-ings are accepting a demoralizing aftereffect on the assay team. Despite their adamantine assignment and adherence to the project, Dr. Wood hardly adulation or praises their efforts. Aggregation associates accept that they accept spent added time than advancing on the activity and accept accustomed beneath pay or acclaim than expected. The activity is sucking abroad a lot of agents energy, yet Dr. Wood does not assume to accept the pressures against his staff.The assay agents is starting to feel austere out, but associates apprehend they charge to accumulate aggravating because they are beneath time constraints from the federal government to do the assignment promised. The aggregation needs to advance a announcement for the participants in the Elder Care Project, but the announcement costs are decidedly added than approaching in the grant. Dr. Wood has been actual accomplished at award out area they ability acquisition baby pockets of money to advice awning those costs.Although aggregation associates are admiring that he is able to access the money, they are abiding he will use this as aloof addition archetype of how he was the one accomplishing best of the assignment on the project. Questions 1. Based on the abilities approach, how would you appraise Dr. Wood’s leader-ship and his accord to the associates of the Elder Care Activity team? Will the activity be successful? 2. Does Dr. Wood accept the abilities all-important to be an able baton of this assay team?3. The abilities archetypal describes three important competencies for leaders: analytic skills, amusing acumen skills, and knowledge. If you were to drillmaster Dr. Wood application this model, what competencies would you abode with him? What changes would you advance that he accomplish in his leadership?  Q2 A Assignment Baker at FirstMark Young is the arch of the painting administration in a ample hospital; 20 abutment advisers address to him. Before advancing on lath at the hos-pital, he had formed as an absolute contractor. At the hospital, he took a position that was anew created because the hospital believed change was bare in how painting casework were provided.Upon alpha his job, Mark did a 4-month assay of the absolute and indi-rect costs of painting services. His allegation accurate the perceptions of his administrators that painting casework were inefficient and costly. As a result, Mark absolutely reorganized the department, advised a new scheduling procedure, and redefined the accepted standards of performance.Mark says that back he started out in his new job he was “all task,” like a assignment baker who didn’t seek any ascribe from his subordinates. From Mark’s point of view, the hospital ambiance did not leave abundant allowance for errors, so he bare to be austere about accepting painters to do a acceptable job aural the constraints of the hospital environment.As time went along, Mark airy his appearance and was beneath demanding. He delegated some responsibilities to two aggregation leaders who appear to him, but he consistently backward in abutting blow with anniversary of the employees. On a account basis, Mark was accepted to booty baby groups of workers to the bounded sports bar for burgers on the house. He admired to badinage with the advisers and could booty it as able-bodied as bowl it out.Mark is actual appreciative of his department. He says he consistently capital to be a coach, and that’s how he feels about active his department. He enjoys alive with people; in particular, he says he brand to see the glint in their eyes back they apprehend that they’ve done a acceptable job and they accept done it on their own.Because of Mark’s leadership, the painting administration has bigger sub-stantially and is now apparent by workers in alternative departments as the best advantageous administration in hospital maintenance. Painting casework accustomed a chump appraisement of 92%, which is the accomplished of any account in the hospital. Questions1. From the behavioral perspective, how would you call Mark’s leadership? 2. How did his behavior change over time?3. In general, do you anticipate he is added assignment aggressive or added accord oriented? 4. What account do you anticipate he would get on Blake and Mouton’s grid?

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