read, analyze, and critique some important element of an online article from the following list

   The appointment is to address a anxious and anxiously articular 3 to 5-page bifold spaced apriorism cardboard on one of the accustomed capacity listed below. Afore you attending at the account of topics, there are some things I appetite you to buck in apperception that will advance your affairs of accepting a acceptable brand on this assignment.  1. Clarify. Accomplish abiding you apperceive what you're declared to address about. If you chose "free will," don't address about political freedom. If you chose "personal identity," don't address about personality or identification. Booty the time to amount out absolutely what you're declared to be cerebration about afore you alpha cerebration about it. (If you get your affair wrong, you won't get any credibility for that paper.) 2. Chase Instructions. Once you accept called a topic, you can alone accretion acclaim by accomplishing acceptable appointment at the things the alert for that affair tells you to do. If you do commodity that the alert didn't acquaint you to do, you will not get any acclaim for accomplishing that thing. If you abort to do things that the alert tells you to do, you will lose credibility for that failure. 3. Prewrite. If there's one affair that's affirmed to advance your brand on any paper, it's prewriting. If you've had acceptable English teachers, you will accept had affluence of apprenticeship on how to clarify, organize, assay and appraise your own thoughts. If you had debris English teachers, all I can acquaint you actuality is that if you booty the time to clarify, organize, assay and appraise your own thoughts in your own apperception afore you alpha writing, you will get a abundant bigger brand than you would if you didn't. 4. Self it up! Accomplish abiding that you say is what you think, aggregate that you think, and annihilation that you don't think. what you address should absolutely and alone accurate your own best claimed cerebration on this issue. Don't address what anybody abroad says, or what you anticipate you're declared to say. Address alone things you think. Your personality should flash through your paper. Self-expression is sometimes risky, but the another is to be dull, arid and absolutely unimpressive. You accept a voice. You should use it. 5. Defluff. Don't address annihilation you don't charge to address to explain, justify, and avert your thesis. If there's commodity you alone put into your affidavit because some English abecedary told you it had to be in your cardboard (like an "opening paragraph," or a "conclusion"), don't put that affair in your paper. When you address your paper, alpha with your thesis, explain your thesis, absolve your thesis, explain and break counter-arguments, and aloof accumulate activity until you've said aggregate you accept to say, and again stop. If you acquisition yourself absent to say things that are not absolutely on topic, or to echo things you've already said, be strong, and don't do it. Specific Prompt Your appointment is to read, analyze, and appraisal some important aspect of an online commodity from the account afterward this blooming box This is a Read-Think-Think Added -Write assignment, which agency that you accept three absolute important and complicated things to do afore you alpha any absolute writing. 1. READ: Apprehend your called commodity very, very, absolute carefully. Get bright in your own apperception at atomic one of the capital credibility the commodity is making, and the capital altercation the biographer makes in abutment of that point. Accomplish abiding you become able of advertence that point and altercation in your own words. 2. THINK: Logically assay that argument, attending for anemic spots in the argument, and try to appear up with one or added objections to that argument, or at atomic appointment out what an adversary of that point ability accept to say adjoin it. This is area it's important to booty the time to anticipate through all abandon of the issue, and use your acuteness to anticipate about what credibility an adversary ability accomplish adjoin the point fabricated by the writer. (If the biographer covers both sides, accepting opposing arguments will be easier.) 3. RETHINK. Once you accept at atomic one altercation on anniversary ancillary acutely in mind, THEN sit aback and anticipate about which ancillary has the logically bigger arguments. Does the writer's altercation logically angle up to the criticism? Or does the altercation absolutely defeat the writer's arguments? Figuring this all out should booty up a acceptable block of your time spent on this assignment, and you are adapted to adjudge based on your best compassionate of the argumentation and evidence, and not alone on your feelings. Again, this appointment is not about your feelings, so don't aloof aces the ancillary you appear to "think" is right, aces the ancillary that is accurate by the altercation that doesn't abort beneath analytic analysis. One way to do analytic assay is to do the following: 1. Address out a account of accordant arguments acutely in your own words. 2. Examine anniversary altercation to actuate whether it commits a analytic fallacy. 3. If an altercation commits a analytic fallacy, cantankerous it out. 4. Examine anniversary actual altercation to see whether it has some alternative analytic weakness. 5. If an altercation has a baleful analytic weakness, cantankerous it out. 6. If there's added than one opposing altercation left, cantankerous out the logically weakest arguments until there's aloof one left. If you chase this procedure, you should be larboard with the arch argument  3. WRITE: Do the afterward accomplishments in order: 1. Booty the cessation of the one altercation that didn't accept any analytic weakness, and address that out as your thesis. (This is the appellation of your paper.)  2. Address out in your own words the altercation for your thesis. (This would be the altercation that angry out not to accept a analytic weakness.) 3. Booty the best altercation adjoin your thesis, explain it in your own words, and again explain acutely and absolutely what is amiss with that one argument. 4. Accomplish any alternative comments you appear to anticipate of. Don't address a "conclusion" or "concluding paragraph," and don't echo annihilation you've said before. Instead, address out any alternative thoughts you ability accept about this topic. (You can address annihilation at all at this point.) 5. Stop writing, accomplish any corrective or alternative edits you anticipate appropriate, and about-face in your accomplished paper. Don't do annihilation in your cardboard that isn't defined in these instructions. I don't booty credibility off for amiss stuff, but I alone accord acclaim for actual that meets the requirements of the assignment, so being that these instructions don't alarm for isn't acceptable to advice your grade. List of Articles  1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6-

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