Reaction Paper to Pre-Spanish Colonization

Reaction Paper to Pre-Spanish Colonization When I chose to accept into the PHST 30 course, I absolutely alone had one ambition for actuality in this class, and that is it is a CSU communicable class. All of my activity I accept advised myself to be a Filipino-American, although I was built-in and aloft actuality in the United States. I never absolutely knew abundant about Philippine history and I am absolutely animated that I am acquirements a little bit added in anniversary chic session. During Pre-Spanish colonization, I begin some above apropos apropos my animosity appear some of the laws that were in aftereffect in those days. For archetype with the poor bodies who were not accustomed to accept added than one adolescent and if they did, their bairn babyish would be befuddled into the river. What gives the government the appropriate to accomplish a decisi on for a brace who appetite to accept a bigger family? Aback again bodies additionally could not be lazy; if they chose to be lazy, they were acutely punished. If that were the case now, millions of bodies would be punished a day. Another archetype is that men drank aback again to prove their adulthood to women. It was absolutely agreeable to me that a accepted liquor aback again was Lambanoag because I accept drank that now, and it is no best aloof for men to drink. Another aspect of Pre-Spanish colonization was that men were to assignment while the women backward home and took affliction of all of the domiciliary duties. It is absolutely arbitrary to women that they are answerable to break home because what if they capital to work, they aloof couldn’t.

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