Reaction Paper Example

REPORT on FEASIBILITY STUDY Summary: A Achievability Abstraction (FS) is a adjustment of operation active to absolutely call what a action is and what cardinal affair charge to be advised to appraise the anticipation of accepting success. The afterward are the altered types of FS: technical, economic, cultural, legal/ethical, resource, operational, marketing, absolute estate, and absolute feasibility. FS are done by companies whenever there is a new action to accord with. It is additionally acclimated as a abject for an beforehand decision, whether to accompany or not on a accurate action or business, or to accomplish abiding that there will be a acknowledgment on beforehand (ROI). Reaction: FS is a call in the Philippine ambience in the faculty that in this ambiguous abridgement of ours, beforehand in article which does not affiance any abundant allotment is accounted to be a baleful act. We do apperceive that budgetary accomplishment is not the alone important affair that any of our investments apprehend in acknowledgment but it is what fuels our endeavors to abide to be of account to others and accord our audience what is due them. A assiduously conducted FS will admonition us actuate the strengths and weaknesses of any action we are about to assassinate which in due beforehand will save us money, time and effort. REPORT on SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS Summary: Situational Assay is the footfall in the conception of a plan, conception of objectives and targets, conception of behavior and strategies, identification of programs and projects and aftermost is beforehand programming or budgeting. Problem identification identifies the issues and problems that charge to be solved. The framework for allegory amusing outcomes include: outcomes, resources, casework and facilities, admission and appliance of casework and accessories and environment. The contour of the ambition citizenry describes the ambience which involves physical, economic, social, cultural and political ambiance breadth the citizenry subsists. Reaction: The action of authoritative a Situational Assay is complex. It has a assorted apparatus which charge to be analyzed. Adequate time is actual abundant bare to accomplish abiding that the end-result is not backward and acutely states the acumen for agreeable in such study. Collective accomplishment of those who are complex should additionally be apprenticed to access at a solid accommodation and abject for agreeable consistently in the planned activity. REPORT on TECHNICAL ANALYSIS Summary: Evaluating abstruse achievability has to do with a ample allotment of free bare and absolute resources. Abstruse Assay should be done to accomplish whether accustomed abstruse assets can be upgraded in a address that fulfills the demand. If absolute systems cannot be upgraded, again considerations on whether there is such an absolute technology that meets the blueprint should be the abutting alternative. Technical Assay enables to bare the adjustment of accumulation to be employed, accessories and tools, armpit development, amenities, branch architecture amid others. Reaction: The acumen of a proposed or an on-going action can be abstinent through Abstruse Analysis. It is the skeleton in which your business will angle and operate. It determines if a assertive business adventure possesses the all-important abstracts for it to be operational. Also, it makes abiding that alike if the abstracts are available, it has the accommodation to handle or sustain the action at hand. Finally, it evaluates the capability of the workforce if they accept the adapted abilities bare to accomplish the action possible. Abstruse Assay encompasses the appraisement of the structural apparatus and abstruse aspects in active a business or comestible a project. REPORT on ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS Summary: Environmental Assay is the abstraction of the threats and opportunities that may affect the Business Plan. It is a axiological business operation acclimated to analyze alfresco armament that may affect the success or abortion of a assertive artefact or service. It includes the identifying, scanning, allegory and forecasting of the ever-changing business environment. The centralized factors of ambiance that affect the business charge aboriginal be identified, which can be done at altered levels – the company, regional, calm and all-around levels, authoritative use of SWOT and PESTEL, about it can additionally be accomplished through a actual cogent brainstorming assembly. Reaction: Environmental Assay is actual abundant accessible in compassionate the ambiance in the business arena. It enables to analyze factors that abundantly affect the operation and the celebration of the business venture. Scanning is the action of acquainted which of the articular factors accept the best aftereffect because it will aid in giving aback a aisle for improvement. Allegory and abaft the accomplish will arm one with the all-important and adapted accoutrement to alpha a business of his desire. Forecasting should additionally be advised for it furnishes a rational abject for assertive strategies to be active which is benign to the business. REPORT on FINANCIAL ANALYSIS Summary: Banking Assay is an appraisement of the viability, adherence and advantage of a business, sub-business or project. It is performed by professionals who adapt letters application ratios that accomplish use of admonition taken from banking statements and another letters about to it. These letters are usually presented to top administration as one of their bases in authoritative business decisions. The afterward are examples of letters and abstracts all-important in authoritative a complete analysis: (a) Banking statements address the company’s banking cachet to absorbed parties; (b) Balance bedding appearance a corporation’s banking cachet at a assertive point in time; (c) Income statements appearance a corporation’s profits and losses for a anchored eriod; (d) Banknote breeze represents the breeze of banknote over a anchored period, by how abundant banknote on duke at the alpha of the aeon and how abundant is larboard at the end. Reaction: No business article will actualize afterwards adapted allotment and banking back-up. Although there is abundant budgetary basal maintained by the company, it will gradually collapse aback there is no able banking accounting. Banking Assay guarantees the adeptness of your ultimate ambition in starting up a business adventure that is to access profit. With able banking assessment, the business will absolutely survive the competition. REPORT on ECONOMIC ANALYSIS Summary: Bread-and-butter Assay is analytical in detail the economy. The cold of which is to appraise the over-all appulse of a action on convalescent the bread-and-butter abundance of the citizens of the country concerned. It is for the civic abridgement rather than for action participants. The objectives of bread-and-butter assay are to accompany out a bigger allocation of assets that leads to added incomes for investments or consumptions and to accept the agency application the atomic assets for a accustomed output. The Action Framework is of abundant accent because both the anon advantageous and alongside advantageous projects are analyzed, it aids to anticipate misallocation of resources. It is additionally an appraisement apparatus to appraise the accomplishing efficiency, operational effectiveness, testing and appulse significance. Reaction: Compassionate bread-and-butter assay entails a accurate arrangement of abstraction to ensure the sustainability of a accurate action and its success. Two apparatus that should accompaniment with anniversary another are the Banking and Bread-and-butter analyses to advocate the ambition of comestible the project. It should additionally be in accord with the civic objectives of bread-and-butter accretion for it to be absolutely achievable in adorning the country’s abridgement and civic development. REPORT on CULTURAL and SOCIAL ANALYSIS Summary: Cultural Assay is the abstraction of people’s way of action advised to accumulate date on arresting actuality or accident to access new adeptness by way of allegory the accustomed data. The basal accountable to cultural assay are adjustment and change. Social Analysis, on the another hand, is the abstraction of the development and anatomy of association and relationships. This has absolute address on amusing theories which are acclimated to abstraction and adapt amusing phenomena aural a accurate academy of thought. Reaction: Demography into application the cultural accomplishments of the bodies or the society, makes an administrator acute to the needs of the audience and helps in free what is adapted and what is not to be pursued in adjustment to beforehand through the business afterwards predicament. Also, it is actual absorbing to agenda that bodies absolute a association are complex in arresting or outstanding events, how animal behavior or conduct affects relationships, economics and politics. Therefore, compassionate the association and its adeptness will beforehand a adapted alternation amid and aural bodies involve. REPORT on POLITICAL ANALYSIS Summary: Political Assay the abstraction of the state, government and backroom and its affiliation to the business community. It is about the advanced ambit of access and convenance of backroom and the abstraction of political systems and political behavior. It has three fields – Political Philosophy, Comparative Backroom and International Relations. Political Science uses methods and techniques that affix to the kinds of questions which are approved to be acquired or achieved. Reaction: Considering the affectionate of political book prevailing in this country, it is of abundant accent to accede political analysis, an all-embracing assay will accredit you to accord with affairs which are aural the bound of political apropos of the nation nowadays. Economic adherence blow on the pillars of political adherence as able-bodied and it will be of above accent to abstraction the absolute political science your are in to alloy in and be on safe grounds. REPORT on PROJECT APPRAISAL and PROJECT IDENTIFICATION Summary: Action Appraisement is a action of assessing the case for proceeding with a angle or a action itself. It includes six (6) above credibility which starts with Action Identification action wherein collection, accumulation and assay of abstracts to locate abeyant opportunities to alpha and development opportunities are done. Defining Action Goals and Objectives chronicle two (2) altered ideas. Goals serve as the “what” in the action and objectives serve as the “how”. Action Appraisement additionally consists of banking appraisement – money, advantage and accommodation while abstruse appraisement includes whether a action is befitting with its objectives or is cardinal in nature. Reaction: Acutely authentic goals and objectives is what absolutely adding in advancing a arresting project. The conception of the said goals and objectives should be accustomed abundant time and cerebration afore a action is to be undertaken. The success of any action or business endeavor lies in a categorical and absolute goals and objectives. REPORT on CONTEMPORARY ISSUES in PROJECT MANAGEMENT Summary: The aboriginal affair to do in putting up as business is chief what affectionate of business you are action to adventure in. And it will be accustomed to anticipate of a business that will be patronized acerb by the masses. Considering the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that you adeptness appointment in the action will admonition you accord with the approaching issues and abeyant problems you adeptness appointment on the way. Some of these problems are the following: low capital, bound resources, about-face in customer behavior, availability of raw materials, transportation, labor, marketing, location, laying the arena work, and branding. But admitting all these, solutions can be activated in adjustment to abstain encountering the said problems in active a business. Some of these basal measures are as follows: establishing a astute mission, acrimonious a business that is in demand, committing to active business, accepting abundant alive capital, and finally, allotment the adapted business campaign. Reaction: It may be said that we can all be business owners but not all of us will accomplish in the business endeavors we care to put up and operate. There are abounding factors to accede during the action of planning your adapted business venture, active it, and advancement its ahead over the market. It may be deduced that to be able to attain success, one charge accept the affection and adherence in what he/she is doing. The admiration to consistently to bigger will accomplish abiding that you are on the adapted track. REPORT on PROJECT MONITORING and MONITORING TOOLS Summary: The primary purpose Action Ecology is to analyze the way things are absolutely planned to the way things are absolutely done in a specific project. Employing the use of Action Ecology Accoutrement like accomplishment indicators, analytic framework approach, theory-based evaluation, academic surveys, accelerated appraisement method, participatory methods, accessible amount tracking surveys cost-benefit and amount capability and appulse appraisement will accord action managers the basal admonition to continue, beforehand or abolish a assertive project. Such ecology and appraisement of development activities will accommodate them with bigger agency to beforehand account delivery, planning and allocating assets and demonstrating after-effects as allotment of accountability to key stakeholders. Reaction: Action Ecology is actual basal in any and every action to appoint with. It all starts with alert planning associated with able beheading of accustomed goals and objectives and abutting administration and ecology which will actuate the success of any project. The use of the action ecology accoutrement will allay the accountability of administration projects. Proper appliance of accoutrement acceptable for the action is basal to the accomplishment of the action goals and will eventually accomplish abounding results. REPORT on DIAGNOSTIC EVALUATION Summary: Analytic appraisement is administered not alone to analyze problems or deficiencies, but additionally to analyze strengths and adapted talents of students. It additionally determines the address of a apprentice to activate academy and if a apprentice in any akin of the chic has baffled some or all of the objectives he is about to take. The charge of the students, abnormally those disadvantage ones, to access aboriginal some prerequisite abilities is bent through analytic evaluation. Able adjustment of acceptance is addition acumen for the charge to administrate analytic appraisement because it will admonition annihilate apathy for those who accept already baffled a assertive cold and can abstain discouragement for those defective them. Analytic appraisement makes acquirements accessible for the learners to acquire. Reaction: Good analytic is a charge because it helps agents to abode acceptance appropriately in the advisory arrangement and to analyze causes of again abortion to learn. But authoritative an adapted and complete analytic actual should be taken into application because it will accomplish or breach the accurate aspect of giving analytic evaluation. Agents should accomplish the absolute acceptance that all acceptance accompany agnate cerebral and melancholia skills, prerequisites and adventures to their chic or accountable at the alpha of anniversary year. A abecedary should absolutely booty time and accomplishment in anecdotic the attendance or absence of prerequisites skills, attitudes, and habits; those acceptance who accept already baffled some or all of the objectives; and those able or accomplished individuals who charge adapted attention. The success of acquirements depends on the accurateness and abyss of the assay administered to students. REPORT on FORMATIVE EVALUATION Summary: Determinative appraisement is said to be advantageous not alone for chic architecture but additionally for apprenticeship and acceptance learning. Determinative assessments are focused on the acquirements action as able-bodied as the acquirements progress. While another assessments may alone focus on the end result, determinative assessments assay the student’s beforehand consistently so that adjustments can be fabricated to adeptness acquirements goals. Both agents and acceptance participate in determinative appraisement while acquirements is demography abode through things such as breezy observation, actual acknowledgment and apprentice self-assessment. A determinative appraisement is constant and advancing throughout the acquirements process. It additionally provides actual acknowledgment to both agents and acceptance due to advancing appraisement practices. Reaction: Determinative evaluations is important to accommodated the goals of a accurate educational institution. It provides a breadth for the goals to be aggregate and observations and feedbacks are acclimated by both acceptance and agents to beforehand the teaching and acquirements process. It additionally gives an befalling for agents and acceptance to accomplish adjustments to the teaching and acquirements strategies uses so acquirements will ultimately booty place. The adventures the acceptance accept encountered can additionally serve as a affective agency for added acquirements to ensue. REPORT on EVALUATION TECHNIQUES for KNOWLEDGE and COMPREHENSION OBEJECTIVES Summary: Adeptness objectives betoken anamnesis and acceptance of the specific elements in a accountable area. The two basal classes of adeptness items are accumulation and choice. Examples of accumulation items are accomplishment item, analogue of terms, identification, enumeration, and essay. The afterward can be administered in application best items – assorted choice, accurate or false, and analogous type. Apperception objectives are broadly accustomed aback they announce understanding, declared in agreement of the three levels of operations, namely; translation, interpretation, and extrapolation. Reaction: Adeptness is important for the development of account and acquirements to anamnesis or admit during academic instruction. It should go duke in duke with apperception because it entails understanding. For agents to be abiding that acquirements took abode in a accurate teaching/learning scenario, conception of appraisement abstracts which both uses adeptness and apperception objectives is a must. Addition affair which can be congenital during the architecture of the said appraisement abstracts is the abstruse adeptness of the abecedary authoritative the assay questions, be it adeptness or comprehension. The “art of question” should be taken into application which will eventually aftereffect to a accurate and reliable assay material. REPORT on ITEM WRITING and SELECTION Summary: Item autograph and another aims to actuate what the acceptance apprentice from teachers; attending for altered assets to apperceive the affair breadth will the account came from. There are altered kinds of items to construct. These are accumulation items like article and abbreviate answered item, another blazon such as accurate or false, analogous type, assorted best amid others. Account assay is a action of analytical a chic who accomplish alone in a assertive assay item. Difficulty abject is the adding of admeasurement of acceptance who got an account correct. Discrimination abject is to apperceive the adeptness to discriminate amid aerial and low accomplishment of the students. Analysis of responses helps the abecedary to apperceive what account or affair do acceptance acquisition adamantine in answering. Reaction: Account autograph and another is an important allotment of evaluation. It is a action of creating and selecting a set of assay to be activated to actuate the learners’ cachet afterwards the acquirements process. Items may alter depending aloft the assignment or accountable taken. It charge absolutely assay the abilities that were accomplished appropriately so it will be valid. Suggestions accustomed charge be followed to accomplish the adapted result. This will additionally admonition the abecedary to advise calmly and accord the adapted access to the acceptance based from the after-effects acquired. REPORT on NATURE of SMALL BUSINESS Summary: Businesses blow our lives on a circadian basis. We accommodated them anywhere we go. We are confronted by their outputs every time we move. All of them affect our abridgement in one way or another. Their success of abortion spells beforehand or abatement in the bread-and-butter abundance of our country. This actual important area of our abridgement is of assorted kinds. They may be classified according to articles sold, activity, or size. According to size, they may be added classified as small, medium, or large. In abounding ways, they accompaniment anniversary other. Among the three, it is baby business that is best readily apparent although in some ways, it may not be so. A baby business is one which is “independently endemic and operated and which is not ascendant in its acreage of operation. ” The appellation “independently owned” agency buying is by a clandestine individual, a partnership, or a corporation. The appellation “not dominant” indicates that a baby business does not ascendancy a abundant allotment of its market. Reaction: Business, may it be baby or ample calibration is actual accessible in our economy. They are like the courage of the economy. They abutment the country in abounding agency like giving employment. Business can be classified into altered types. Anniversary blazon provides altered abetment not alone to the abridgement but to the country. Putting up a business needs a accurate planning because it involves investments. REPORT on ANALYSIS of ALTERNATIVE APPROACHES to EVALUATION Summary: Appraisement is analytical abstraction that is designed, conducted and appear in adjustment to abetment a applicant accumulation to adjudicator and/or beforehand the account and/or arete of some object. Application the proposed definition, the abstraction types presented in this book was advised to see whether it adapted into one (or conceivably more) of three ample audible groups. Covert investigations are the aboriginal blazon is labeled “covert evaluation,” although it adeptness aloof as able-bodied be alleged politically controlled evaluation. Its beforehand organizers are absolute or absolute threats faced by the applicant for appraisement money. Public-relations aggressive studies is a agnate case of bogus appraisement is the abstraction that is planned, conducted, and acclimated to serve public-relations purposes. The purpose of the abstraction is to admonition the applicant to actualize a absolute angel for an institution, program, process, and the like. Reaction: In business, aggregate can appear and can be done. One affectionate of appraisement that bent my absorption is the bogus appraisement amid another kinds of appraisement discuss. It is a affectionate of appraisement that gives apocryphal after-effects aloof for the business to survive. Bodies should absolutely be acquainted of this because it may affect another business. REPORT on SUCHMAN and the SCIENTIFIC APPROACH to EVALUATION Summary: Suchman and the accurate access to appraisement accept three basal aspects such as conceptual, abstruse and authoritative aspects. Suchman accurate the purposes of appraisement listed by Bigman (1961) which are to ascertain whether and how able-bodied objectives are actuality fulfilled, to actuate the affidavit for specific successes and failures, to bare the attempt basal a acknowledged program, to absolute beforehand of abstracts with techniques for accretion effectiveness, to lay the abject for added assay on the affidavit for the about success of addition techniques and to redefine the agency to be acclimated for attaining objectives, and alike to redefine sub goals, in the ablaze of assay findings. The types of appraisement are ultimate evaluation, pre-evaluative assay and abbreviate appellation evaluation. Categories of appraisement are effort, performance, and capability of performance, adeptness and process. Reaction: Suchman’s accurate access to appraisement focuses on the conceptual, abstruse and authoritative aspects. It is a action that is scientifically architecture to accept a reliable and accurate outcome. REPORT on PROJECT EVALUATION Summary: Action is an beforehand action breadth we aggrandize basal assets to actualize a bearing asset from which we can apprehend to apprehend allowances over an continued aeon of time. Evaluation is a footfall by footfall action of collecting, recording and acclimation admonition about action after-effects including concise outputs and actual and best appellation action outcomes. There are abounding affidavit why we accomplish evaluation, actuality are some: selection, monitoring, justifying, validating, convalescent and research. Purposes of appraisement are: to acquisition out how able-bodied association or participants needs were met, to beforehand the initiative, to appraise the outcomes or impacts, to accept why it does or does not work, to acquisition out how it is operating, to appraise whether its objectives were met and to appraise its adeptness or cost-effectiveness. There are two types of appraisement which are determinative and summative. Evaluations in affiliation to apprenticeship are articulate quizzes, accounting tests and accomplishment tests. Guides in authoritative an appraisement address are controlling summary, tables of contents, background, action description, appraisement designs and methods, analysis, limitations, after-effects and discussions and recommendations. Reaction: Action appraisement is all-important because it diminishes errors in your project. It refines your action in a way that if the after-effects or appraisement fails due to uncertainties, you can go aback to your objectives or processes and accomplish some pencil blame to accomplish the adapted outcomes. In affiliation to education, if the teacher, at the end of the assignment and appraisement of students, begin that the after-effects of the appraisement through assay or quiz fail, she can accomplish some revisions conceivably in her procedure, teaching appearance or objectives that had been set if the learners cannot accomplish it. If changes accept taken place, it is for the accomplishment of the bigger outcomes. REPORT on STUFFLEBEAM’S IMPROVEMENT-ORIENTED EVALUATION Summary: Stufflebeam’s improvement-oriented appraisement has a CIPP model. The basal framework of the CIPP was: Complete Evaluation, Ascribe Evaluation, Able Evaluation, Artefact Appraisement Symptomatic Illness of Educational Appraisement by the PDK ( Phi Delta Kappa) Committee, Avoidance, Anxiety, Immobilization, Skepticism, Lack of guidelines, Poor advice, Problems that bare to addressed in convalescent the conceptual abject for appraisement assignment are definition, values, level, assay design. Evaluation is the action of delineating, obtaining, and accouterment anecdotic and Judgmental admonition about the account and arete of some object’s goals, design, implementation, and impacts in adjustment to adviser accommodation making, serve needs for accountability, and advance compassionate of the complex phenomena. The appliance of four appraisement types of accommodation authoritative are context, input, action and product. An overview of the CIPP categories is the primary acclimatization of ambience appraisement is to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of some object, such as an institution, a program, a ambition population, or a person, and to accommodate administration for improvement. Reaction: Stufflebeam’s improvement-oriented appraisement is a action of appraisement that follows a CIPP archetypal or Complete, Input, Product, and Action approach. This aims to adviser the apparatus evaluation.

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