Reaction Paper 3

 Topic: What does the approaching attending like for Social Security? 1. Two pages 600-650 words  (double space, Times New Roman 12pt font)   You MUST appearance your compassionate of the concepts by discussing them in your own words, synthesizing chic concepts to accomplish your own argument/point   2. In the aboriginal bisected of your appointment (approximately 1 page), altercate the concept(s) you are absorption on in the paper, including the definitions and a absolute explanation, or a “critical summary.”  This account can accommodate the importance, usefulness, or strengths of the concept(s). This should be in your own words.  You will not accept abounding acclaim if you artlessly change a few words from the textbook. You will accept no acclaim if you archetype the text, abnormally if you do not adduce it (page numbers in parentheses at the end of sentences that accommodate advice from the text).  Even back in your own words, accommodate the source.  This helps me to brand your assignment and to advice you get in the convenance of commendation your work.   3.  In the additional bisected (approximately 1 pages), you will charge to administer your affair of best (what you covered in the aboriginal half) to a accustomed commodity from the accustomed press. In this application, you may altercate the strengths and weaknesses (a critique) of the affair of choice. * The purpose of this area is to appearance that you not alone accept the definitions, but can administer the concepts and use them in altered contexts (i.e. how breach can administer to a accustomed authoritative setting). Because of this, you cannot alone await on claimed opinions and/or adventures actuality - you will not accept abounding credit.   4.  You charge adduce at atomic one alfresco antecedent - generally, this should be a account commodity or some alternative allotment from the accustomed columnist (online is accepted, of course). In this, consistently accumulate in apperception if there may be a bent to the antecedent (an commodity from "World Chic Travelers" may accept a altered angle than "Parents in Support of Staying at Home"). Feel chargeless to altercate this angle in your cardboard and/or draw from assorted sources. 5.  You charge include: (1) parenthetical citations and (2) a account of references. I use ASA appearance (American Sociological Association), so the commendation appearance guides I accommodate reflect that. However, you may use the appearance you are best adequate with. I will alone abstract credibility if I cannot acquisition your antecedent because the references are not absolute enough. 6. Attached is a ability point for advantageous information 

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