Reaction Paper

The focus of this advantage is our accessory text, Confusing Adulation with Obsession. Your cardboard should be at atomic bristles pages (roughly 1,250 words) in length. Additional sources or references are not appropriate for this assignment, but if you quote, paraphrase, or abridge a antecedent (including the texts), you charge certificate it in APA format. Also, amuse acutely characterization anniversary catechism beneath in adventurous with your acknowledgment underneath.  These are the questions/points to accede to which you should acknowledge in your acknowledgment paper:   1. Using sociologist John Alan Lee's adulation styles (refer to pages 261- 263 of Intimate Relationships, and pay appropriate absorption to Table 8.7 'Styles of Loving' begin on the top of folio 262) from affiliate eight of "Intimate Relationships", what is the absolute adulation appearance for best of the characters presented in the book, Confusing Adulation with Obsession.   2. What appearance if any did you analyze with best from the book? This can be either yourself or addition you know.   3. Briefly outline the characteristics of the Obsessive Adulation Caster at anniversary date of the wheel.   4. After account the book, what ability did you accretion about adulation addiction?

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