re-namestory essay 600 words

 (Changing one’s name into addition name—or I alarm ‘re-naming’—is a accepted convenance amid all-embracing acceptance back belief abroad. I use name Lucy, because my aftermost name in China is Luo.  ) The purpose of Project 1 is to accept the acumen why you adjudge to use a accurate name in the US (either application a accustomed name or change it into addition name). The article needs to accept two parts: A description branch area you call your (re-)naming convenance accommodate one (and one only!) analytical adventure (or lived experience) that led you to adjudge on application that accurate name. An assay branch area you charge to assay this (re-)naming convenance in affiliation to its effectiveness. These are some questions you can abode in this section: What is the purpose of the name? Why did you adjudge to use this accurate name? Who ability be the advised admirers for the name be? Who ability acknowledge or adore this name? How can you tell? Who ability be disadvantaged by the name? What stereotypes or accessible conflicts could this name perpetuate? Remember: My Namestory essay, like any alternative bookish essays, needs to accept a bright introduction, body, and conclusion. Make abiding you use keywords about rhetorics we accept abstruse (e.g. ambition audience, articulate situation, ethos, etc.) in the essay.

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