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According to the contempo account reports, it has been apparent that Turkey has adverse some of the austere bribery scandals and alternative allegations adjoin governments. These scandals creates riots and protests In every cities of turkey ,moreover abounding aerial chic bodies and political leaders were accused with money laundering, gold smuggling and bribery. The accepted situation's appulse was accomplished Turkey's all-embracing affiliation with alternative countries and put their aids at stake. Another claiming turkey was adverse is Labor market. Turkey has a ample citizenry and In that about 68. 1% are alive age, but In that economically alive are 51. 3% in 2013 letters says. This is mainly due to several factors which includes low accord of changeable with alone 32. 9 allotment of the alive age women. Second agency Is, Turkey's blah abridgement is actual ample and the Council of Europe has been accepted about 33 allotment of GAP In 2011 and abounding of the Jobs are academic area in outside. The unemployment of adolescence is additionally a above claiming in turkey's progress, although it is not different to Turkey and about 17. 3 allotment nouns bodies were unemployed as per 2013 report. It is advised that turkey Is one of the world's 10 better abridgement In 2023 but now the abridgement of abeyant and political issues creates corruption to its wealth. Turkey is one of the best important countries in the Average East which is according to Egypt and at the aforementioned time it has a actual able aggressive and a fastest growing economy. Turkey's casework has been serves as a arch amid the East and West. The U. S. And European admiral charge Turkeys abutment In adjustment to Implement Average Eastern backroom and to malting the Syrian conflict. Generally turkey's affiliation with alfresco apple was actual important in every agreement like trade, bread-and-butter and military. This affiliation not alone accessible to turkey but to alternative countries. Turkey has better trading accomplice in E ( The European abutment ) and Its trading accounts are added than 50 allotment of Turkish exports. For arctic Iraq turkey is the better investor, and these investments and development from them accept helped to balance this allotment of Iraq. Turkey is additionally a above broker in Central Asia and its architecture companies can be begin at assignment in abounding genitalia of the world. Turkey Is additionally an Important articulation amid Islam and the West and will acceptable formed for about abounding decades and if so to come. Turkey is both east and west and can acquaint acutely and finer in both directions, and additionally from North to South. Turkey has been a actual accommodating country to the Americans to action adjoin the agitator activities In our globalization. Afterwards the sass's, Turkey anta agitator activities were bayed actual accessible in all-around about-face to the apple and this makes turkey as above targets for terrorists also. At the aforementioned time Turkey is additionally a ability ability for the Americans from average east. Ability is a basic aspect for the progression of every country and for Americans this basic aspect Is turkey. In my acumen It Is actual important for Turkey to Join with ELI to assure the long- appellation interests of its nation and people. Mainly there are abounding affidavit abaft it and 1 OFF aforementioned time it was additionally a actual affiliate of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) which plays an added basic bounded role in the broader Average East. This affiliation not alone access the advance of turkey but to abate the burdens of US and all-embracing problems. This will advice the Turkey to become added able in the apple by the action of designing and creating its approaching in a industrialization and avant-garde way. In the accomplished Turkey has important position amid alternative countries. In the accessible year we can see that turkey with become a developing nation afterwards 2016 by the aid of allies and their relations. Turkey actually serves as the arch amid East and West. About 50 percentages of Turkeys barter is with the EX. (European Union). In 1920, the abundant reformer, Mustang Kamala Taurus emerged from he anarchy of Apple War I to authorize avant-garde Republic of Turkey in adjustment to transform several political transitions and development initiatives arch to its position as a growing bread-and-butter power. Taurus accept that an chip nation was capital to architecture new state. Turkey's advance to Join the EX. has bound the ability of the military. In his administration new accelerating accomplishments were implemented to advance turkey, like Religious schools were abolished and Suffix religious orders were closed. By 1934 women were accepted the vote in civic elections and were able to angle for acclamation and be built-in in parliament.

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