This Assessment is a Work Product, in which you will address a analysis angle on a affair that is accordant to the aboriginal adolescence profession. In addition, you will actualize a video presentation, in which you present your analysis angle to colleagues in the aboriginal adolescence field. In your presentation, you will explain how your analysis can accord to absolute amusing change in the acreage of aboriginal adolescence studies. Your acknowledgment to this Assessment should: Reflect the belief provided in the Rubric, which provides advice on how the Assessment will be evaluated. Adhere to the adapted appointment length. Use the APA advance cardboard arrangement accessible here. All submissions charge chase the conventions of bookish writing. Properly formatted APA citations and references charge be provided area appropriate. Professional Skills: Written Communication, Advice Literacy, and Oral Communication are adjourned in this Competency. You are acerb encouraged to use the Autograph Checklist and to analysis the Rubric above-mentioned to submitting. This Assessment requires acquiescence of: One (1) document, your completed analysis proposal One (1) video presentation

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