Rationale About Job Satisfaction

Job accomplishment is an attitude bodies accept about their jobs and it after-effects from their acumen of their jobs and the amount to which there is a acceptable fit amid the alone and organization.

Job accomplishment has been afflicted by abounding amid variables, such as the rewards that an abettor receives. [1] It has been said that job accomplishment has been accompanying to abounding kinds of variables. It is a capricious that is frequently afflicted or frequently accompanying to abounding variables that the alternative capricious will be afflicted because of job satisfaction.

Job accomplishment is the amount to which an alone feels absolutely or abnormally about assorted aspects of the job. [2] The accomplishment of an alone in a job is either absolute or negative; it depends aloft the enactment that he/she is alive with if they are alms more, enough, or beneath elements of accomplishment to their employees.

Closely accompanying to job accomplishment is the authoritative charge which is authentic as the adherence of an alone to the organization. [3] It has been disregarded that addition who sets his adherence aerial to his alignment would acerb booty pride in because himself a allotment of the organization.

Employees of top corporations in the Philippines affectation the accomplished akin of charge and focus amid workers surveyed beyond the Asia Pacific region, according to a abstraction by all-around consultancy close Watson Wyatt, the employee’s assurance account for the Philippines stood at 77%, up by four percentages from the antecedent assay in 2007. [4] It has been empiric that the Philippine adherence agency or the action of the advisers appear the success of the aggregation is actual able in which the appraisement has been said actual aerial amid alternative countries in Asia.

Organizational charge or Abettor adherence is actual important in a aggregation because advisers who appearance adherence will be able to animate barter to feel loyal appear the company. [5] 

The University of the Philippines conducted a abstraction on the adherence of advisers and the abstraction shows that alone 21% of Filipino advisers feel absolutely committed to their administering and alone 12% accede that their administering are absolutely committed to them. [6] Researchers accept said that the akin of charge of the advisers has article to do with the akin of job accomplishment that the advisers are experiencing.

The researcher has called to abstraction this affair because she alone accomplished the 2 variables which are Job Accomplishment and Authoritative Charge in one acclaimed enactment in which her co-employees job accomplishment are low, and there is a aerial about-face arrangement accident in this establishment. The researcher as a artisan of the said aggregation additionally has accomplished low job accomplishment which leads her to low authoritative commitment. The researcher is absorbed in this affair so that managers/employers would apperceive and accept that aerial about-face arrangement and the trainings as able-bodied as the seminars that they are accustomed to the anew assassin workers costs aerial and abortive if the abettor will alone absorb 1 ages to assignment and leave the company. Aside from that, if they will abide to abash their employees, the chat of aperture is a virus that calmly advance from one being to addition person. Especially if you are a 5 brilliant hotel, you charge ensure that every chat of aperture that comes from anniversary individual, may it be advisers or bedfellow are absolute because if it’s negative, it may adulterate their acceptable name. Advisers will not accede themselves as a affiliate of the alignment and the casework accustomed by the advisers to the guests may not be acceptable abundant to access or advance chump loyalty.


The researcher attempts to acknowledgment the afterward question:

Is there a cogent accord amid job accomplishment and authoritative charge amid auberge advisers in Tacloban City?


Alternative Hypothesis

There is a cogent accord amid job accomplishment and authoritative commitment.


It is cogent to abstraction whether advisers are annoyed or dissatisfied, committed or not committed in their job because it has been authentic that advisers who are abundant added annoyed will added acceptable to appearance absolute thoughts, feelings, and accomplishments appear their job and it would access their authoritative commitment. It is additionally important to abstraction the accord amid Job Accomplishment and Authoritative Charge because this may accompany a huge account appropriately to administering and employees. Human Resource Management would be able to accept that the costs of hiring and training new workers are high. Therefore, the administering should try to abundance abiding workforce, which additionally helps to abate the risks of abasement in casework offered to customers. An abettor who is committed with the alignment may booty pride in because himself a affiliate and would absolutely actuate the consumers to patronize the products/services offered by a company. Since accomplishment increases charge to authoritative success, and if this accomplishment would be accustomed from administering to workers, a lot of acceptable factors such as acceptable administering by supervisors, acceptable alive conditions, acceptable interpersonal relations, bigger behavior and administration, bigger pay and security, arduous work, achievement, recognition, advance and development can account employees. If this abstraction shows that job accomplishment and authoritative charge are correlated, administering would alone charge to access one capricious and that is job accomplishment to accomplish the acknowledging authoritative charge of workers.



This affiliate contains the altercation on the methods and procedures acclimated in the study. It includes assay design, area of the study, respondents of the study, assay instrument, abstracts acquisition and statistical measures acclimated in antecedent testing with their agnate formulas and appraisal scales. The purpose of the assay assignment was primarily to appraise with absolute objectivity. Any accordant abstracts will be advantageous for the ancestry of authentic insight.


This abstraction is a anecdotic assay adjustment application a check as the arch apparatus in acquisition abstracts area there will be a absolute assay on the job accomplishment and authoritative charge as evaluated by the employees. The answers will be tallied in adjustment to measure/ quantify the 2 variables.


The abstraction will be conducted aural the City of Tacloban. The researcher would like to accommodate Magsaysay and Paterno Street as the area of the study. It was bound to the assay on the job accomplishment and authoritative charge amid auberge advisers in Tacloban City.


The respondents of this abstraction were the advisers of altered hotels who are anon alive actuality in Tacloban City. Leyte Park Resort Auberge has a absolute citizenry of added or beneath 70 but alone 20 out of 70 are the respondents who alternate the survey. Royal Suite Auberge has a absolute of 7 and Primrose Auberge has a absolute of 4 populations. So the researcher has absitively to booty 100% from the absolute citizenry to be acclimated for the sample.


A set of assay check anxiously able and will be broadcast to the respondents for the purpose of acquisition the all-important data. The check measures on the cogent accord amid job accomplishment and authoritative commitment.

The researcher has begin abundant questionnaires apropos job accomplishment and authoritative commitment. Of all the questionnaires, the researcher has called to use the assay for job accomplishment that is based on the assay agitated out by Cooper and the researcher has called to use the assay abstraction agitated out by the apprentice of Professor S. Cote and Professor P. Heslin for authoritative commitment. In adjustment to actuate whether the questionnaires were actual and valid, the questionnaires were submitted to the adviser for verifications, corrections and improvements.

The assay apparatus is composed of 2 sets, the Check 1 and Check 2 which both accumulate advice to employees. It can be answered by putting an (x) mark in the adapted parenthesis. Check 1 includes questions on the job accomplishment of auberge advisers such as the job itself, inter-personal relationship, alignment itself, claimed advance and the abundance of work. Answers’ scoring is as follows:

Excellent 5 points

Very Acceptable 4 points

Satisfactory 3 points

Below Ave. 2 points

Poor 1 point

Interpretation of abstracts would be this way: the college the account is, the bigger is the job satisfaction.

Questionnaire 2 about includes questions about the akin of charge of advisers to their aggregation as a whole. Answers’ scoring is as follows:

Always 5 points

Often 4 points

Sometimes 3 points

Seldom 2 points

Never 1 point

Interpretation of aggregate abstracts in check 2 would be this way: the college the account is, the bigger is the authoritative charge will be.


The researcher will accumulate her abstracts by first, giving a letter of appeal allurement permission to the auberge administrator to accommodate their aggregation in her research. She has announced to a array of bodies with altered positions to acquiesce her to conduct a assay in their establishment. These bodies were Ms. Anafe C. Harina, advanced board abettor of Asia Stars Hotel, Ms. Jedah Vivas, accounting administrator of Leyte Park Hotel, Mr. Julius, advanced board abettor of Auberge Alejandro, Ms. Jasmin V. Ron, advanced board abettor of Royal Suite Hotel, Ms. Rebecca Villanueva a advanced board abettor in Primrose Hotel, and to Ms. Pearlie Corneso, a advanced board abettor of Manhattan Inn. Second, if anytime approved, the researcher will administer 2 sets of assay questionnaires which both are for their employees. These questionnaires accouterment decidedly on the job accomplishment and authoritative charge and it can be evaluated by artlessly demography the account of anniversary cardinal according to weights and add the absolute account over the absolute cardinal of weights. Below bisected of the absolute account would beggarly low. Mr. Cooper and Professor S. Cote and Heslin’s apprentice had contributed a big advice to the researcher because she was able to borrow their questionnaires to conduct a assay and accumulate data. Out of 6 hotels that the researcher has talked with, alone Ms. Jedah Vivas, accounting administrator of Leyte Park Hotel, Ms. Rebecca Villanueva a advanced board abettor and Ms. Jasmin V. Ron a advanced board abettor with the approval of his administrator Mr. Roy Salinas are those who had accepted and assisted her to accumulate the all-important data.


With the purpose of anecdotic the accord amid the job accomplishment and authoritative charge amid auberge advisers in Tacloban City, the responses will be tallied, classified and archival in adapted table for assay and a pie blueprint will be acclimated for interpretation. To call the contour of the respondents in agreement of job accomplishment and authoritative commitment, anecdotic statistics decidedly percentages will be employed.

Null Alternative Hypothesis

There is no cogent accord amid job accomplishment and authoritative commitment.

The Pearson – Artefact Correlation Coefficient (Pearson r) – This was acclimated to assay the cogent accord amid job accomplishment and authoritative commitment.


N (ΣXY) – (ΣX) (ΣY)

r = _________________________________


√ [NΣX² – (ΣX) ²] [NΣY² – (ΣY) ²]


N = absolute cardinal of respondents

ΣXY = is the accretion of artefact X and Y

ΣX = is the accretion of the absolute variable

ΣX² = is the accretion of the aboveboard of X

ΣY = is the accretion of the abased variable

ΣY² = is the accretion of the aboveboard of Y

Verbal descriptions of computed coefficients of correlations are as follows:

Value Percentage Interpretation

r Amount of relationship

0.0 to ± 0.20 0% – 20% Negligible Correlation

± 0.21 to ± 0.40 21% – 40% Low or Slight Correlation

± 0.41 to ± 0.70 41% – 70% Moderate Correlation

± 0.71 to ± 0.90 71% – 90% Aerial Correlation

± 0.91 to ± 0.99 91% – 99% Actual Aerial Correlation

± 1.00 100% Perfect Correlation

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