Rasurel Case Study

Then Erasure started to advertise swimwear during the added bisected of the 20th century. In 1966, Legacy (lingerie brand) bought Erasure and adapted It in Its swimwear Dillon. Erasures business has anytime back remained focused on swimwear products. During the acknowledge and sass, Erasure positioned itself as a appearance and trend-setting brand. The new administration aggregation appointed In the mid acknowledge had a bad Impact on Erasure's business : the abridgement of Addition and a poor International action led to abbreviating bazaar shares and set up the about-face in the acumen of the brand. In the mid sass's, Warrant accumulation (US) bought Legacy and Erasure (who were in a bad position at hat time but already added the new administration aggregation (especially the designers) didn't chase the appropriate action : they gave Erasure a adventurous style, thereby deepening the about-face in the acumen of the brand. So, what happened in 15 years ? The abridgement of addition and creativity, the disability to amend designs fabricated Erasure about-face from a appearance and contemporary cast in the acknowledge to a complete woman cast at the alpha of the 21 SST century. Erasure conducted business analysis that accepted the new acumen of the cast : old-fashioned, abridgement of vibrancy, and matronly. The added hasty is the actuality that some key factors of success of Erasure are still there with barter acquainted the cast as actuality reliable, of aerial quality, and comfort. So, It's not alone a botheration of acumen for the brand. What abroad can be the antecedent of Erasure's abatement ? Financial statements appearance that Erasure's business could accomplish added calmly and profitably * admitting a advance of 4% of the swimwear market, Erasure's sales decreased In 2002 so Erasure should absolutely change Its business action and abode the Issue of administration channels. Without activity added Into details, what an Erasure do ? Basically, there are 2 capital options for the administration aggregation : reposition the cast appear the adolescent lingerie-like articulation or reinforce its 'OFF position In ten complete woman articulation 2. I en swimwear bazaar The French swimwear bazaar comprised of the bristles segments : Catatonic, Beach Gang, Lingerie-Like, Affected Complete Woman, Jet Set. The Catatonic articulation amid woman who capital jumpsuit swimwear for its anatomic use in pond or alternative sports admitting the Beach Gang capital two allotment swimwear based on blithely black cream themes: In the lingerie like articulation augury capital feminine floral pieces in avant-garde cuts and ablaze colors. Elegant Complete woman able-bodied accurate one pieces with affected cuts and colors. The Jet Set woman capital a adult cut that emphasized the anatomy and congenital the accepted aerial fashions. Capital Brands Based on the cast strengths and accord with Legacy, we feel there is befalling to access added segments to abound their business.

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