Rank correlation

  for the afterward assignment, use the Rank Alternation Utilizing Excel or SPSS: Use a rank alternation accessory to assay for a alternation amid two variables. Use a acceptation akin of α=0.05. The new bloom affliction affairs in the United States makes accoutrement for capitation programs area bloom affliction insurers appointment with analytic accessories to accomplish accident assay of patients to actuate the amount of accouterment care. The afterward appointment ability be acclimated to appraise how abundant a being smokes. When nicotine is captivated by the body, cotinine is produced. A altitude of cotinine in the anatomy is accordingly a acceptable indicator of how abundant a being smokes. The appear cardinal of cigarettes smoked per day and the abstinent amounts of cotinine (in ng/ml) are provided. (The ethics are from about called capacity in a National Bloom Examination Survey.) Is there a cogent beeline correlation? How would you admeasurement the cotinine akin in the body? Explain the result. Refer to the "Rank Alternation Table." APA architecture is not required, but solid bookish autograph is expected.

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