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Theory of Ability Divided band (Republic Book VI) What are the 2 worlds? What are the 4 divisions? The Greek agreement The specific examples Allegory of the cavern (Republic Book W) What is the story? Plato's adjustment Socratic dialogue/method Socratic irony Why does Socrates never accord the answer? 2 reasons: what are they? Socratic chat + Socratic irony = TRUTH Plato's leash of works on the end of Socrates' activity Apology: Socrates' aegis 2 accuse adjoin him: what are they? Crito: Socrates in Jail, discussing Justice Phaedo: the afterlife of Socrates Philosophers Unpaid speakers Quest for ability Never affirmation they accept ability Accept a assignment to acquaint alternative bodies alike if the alternative bodies don't appetite it Believe in allegorical others to the answer, not giving it anon Always analytic for the TRUTH Socrates, Plato, Aristotle Sophists Paid speakers Taught nobility, honor, and arete Uses address (eloquent, adorned language) to dispense and deceive alternative bodies into cerebration like they do, into accepting their ethics They pretend to accept the answers to ll questions, but they don't They advise in adjustment to accretion abundance and ability Do not seek the accuracy Will spoon-feed the acknowledgment to their agents Politicians, businessmen, etc. Gorgias, Meno, Protagoras Horse and gadfly archetype Socrates is the fly, Athens is the horse The horse is fat and lazy, and the fly is aggravating to abrade the horse to get it to move Athens is apprenticed and lazy, and Socrates is aggravating to advance the bodies to apprentice It is not easy, because one man's ability is not abundant to move the absolute nation; all Socrates can do is accumulate aggravating Plato's Meno The question: what is virtue? The examples Socrates and Meno use to try and acknowledgment the question: Bee Shape Color Health & backbone What is the botheration with Meno's answers? Opinion vs. Ability (doxa vs. episteme) July 1st, 2nd, and 3rd addendum What are the similarities?

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