Ramayana and the Illiad

Yogesh Tekwani Professor November 22, 2011 Second Writing Assignment Ramayana and the Iliad are two important abstract pieces from Greece and India, both plays are set in time back Gods were accepted to accomplish actualization on accustomed basis. The plays are capital characters are Achilles and Ram, Achilles is a demi god and Ram is an apotheosis of God Vishnu. In the Iliad, Achilles is an aloof warrior who goes to war to affirmation celebrity and fame. In the Ramayana, Ram is a prince who is adopted to the forest. So what is the attributes of abuse to the hero in these epics? What customs/values acquaint the heroes’ responses to this injustice? How do differences in customs/values acquaint differences in Greek and Hindu literature? What do arete and dharma beggarly in these cultures? What roles do the gods comedy in these heroes’ predicaments? The Iliad starts off with burglary of a Trojan’s affiliated boondocks and two maidens are taken as admired ascendancy from the town, one for Achilles and one for Agamemnon. During a plague, Agamemnon is asked to acknowledgment his award-winning and in acrimony asks Achilles to accord him his prize. In acrimony Achilles draws brand against Agamemnon’s men and is about to annihilate back Athena appears to ascendancy his anger. Achilles stops angry for Agamemnon and tells his mother to ask Zeus for animus on Agamemnon’s army. The Ramayana starts off with Ram, who was the prince of Ayodhya was on his way to get crowned to become a king. Ram who is accepted for his affectionate attributes is asked by his mother in law to go the backwoods and alive there for 14 years because she capital her own son to be crowned king. Ram afterwards averseness accepts the accommodation and active to the backwoods with his wife and his brother. In these two epics we can analyze the customs/values that anniversary alone acquire abstruse and how they use those customs/values appear their injustice. In the Iliad, back Achilles is told to accord up his price, he angrily credibility his brand at Agamemnon and is accessible to annihilate anyone who touches his prize. Achilles’s is apparent as a blowhard aloof warrior who cannot acquire ascendancy and charge use his brand to prove his point. Achilles reactions on this bearings is based on his compassionate that he a demi god who can calmly annihilate abounding men and that e alone went to war to affirmation glory. Achilles acknowledgment admitting is apparent accustomed in Greek attitude because if abuse is done to anyone, they can calmly annihilate the actuality to accomplish justice. In the Ramayana, Ram who is apparent as a blue-blooded prince who was brought up admiring his parents and brothers, he is accomplished to consistently account his elders and never catechism authority. Ram is told to banishment in the backwoods for 14 years by his footfall mother; Ram does not catechism the abuse and accepts his fate. Ram is apparent as the purest of men and one who respects his elders does not catechism authority. Ram is apparent as actuality who lives activity afterwards annoyance and celebrity is not a allotment of it. Back comparing Achilles and Ram, Achilles is apparent as a actuality who questions ascendancy and does not account his elders admitting Ram is a actuality who accepts ascendancy and respects his elders. So how do these the differences in custom/values acquaint differences in Greek and Hindu Culture? The Hindu ability is added about abstention and how a actuality assets that trait. In Hinduism a actuality charge try to alive activity with no greed, airs and arrogance. A actuality charge absolutely put all of their accepting in the easily of God, as they are aggravating to accretion acumen and abstention for their soles. The Gods comedy a big allotment in Hindu cultures because it is through admiration them that you can be pure, the activity that you alive now is annihilation but an apparition and accurate activity can alone be acquired by active this apparition as authentic as you can. The Greek ability is a little agnate to Hindu ability back it comes to attractive at the Gods for answers and advice but, those are the alone affinity amid the two. The Greek ability is not based on an apparition and does not acknowledgment abstention of souls to affirmation a college accepted in life. Greek ability is apparent as added of a agitated ability area the Gods themselves partake in these actions. The Greek ability additionally has added captivation from gods back it comes to active a circadian life. The customs/values for the Greek ability were based on pride, celebrity and ability because that how the gods motivated the people. In Hindu culture, abstention is the alone accretion and is motivated through a bigger afterwards life. Dharma additionally plays a big allotment in Hindu culture, as it is through dharma a actuality can become pure. Dharma’s accurate acceptation is claimed duties, back a actuality is built-in they are accustomed dharma that they charge chase to accomplish abutting life. It is never told what your dharma is but it is claimed that you can accomplish through accomplishing the appropriate things in activity and already you accomplish it you will apprehend it yourself. It can be added than claimed duties too, it can additionally be your calling in activity or what you are meant to do alike are afterwards you complete your claimed duties in life. Through dharma can you alone accomplish claimed achievement or alike broad-mindedness that alike celebrity cannot provide. In the Greek Culture, arete is a little agnate to dharma because it is additionally what a actuality is aggravating to accomplish in their lifetime. Arete is added of arete of array that a actuality is aggravating to accretion through self-improvement. Arete can be arete in annihilation a actuality desires, it is not a self-duty or a calling like dharma. In the Ancient Greek admitting arete was added of close backbone and adventuresomeness that one would try to accretion in a battle. For example, Hector’s accomplished arete back he battled to adequate his homeland, his accomplishments were based on his assignment to assure his homeland. What roles do gods comedy in these heroes’ predicament? In the Iliad the gods are added complex and favor sides, Achilles who was a demi god has a god for a mother and she had already told him his fate. During the action for troy back Achilles was activity to annihilate Agamemnon, Achilles is visited by Athena to analysis his acrimony because that can adapt the fate of the battle. In the Ramayana, gods never visited Ram back it came to him authoritative a decision, it is alone back he activity to abort boost that they appointment him. The fate of Ram and Achilles is additionally agreed in these epics, Achilles was meant to go to Troy and accretion celebrity through its defeat. Ram’s fate was a little altered admitting because in the Ramayana, Ram himself is an apotheosis of Vishnu and he was built-in to annihilate Ravana. Both the warriors are gods in these epics but Ram in the Ramayana does not apperceive that he is one. In both the Iliad and the Ramayana, there are abuse done to the heroes of the ballsy and it is through this abuse it is that these heroes accretion celebrity and happiness. In the Ramayana, Ram is prince who is abandoned to the backwoods for 14 years and it is through this abuse that he recognizes his fate and kills Ravana. Ram is apparent as a authentic man in this ballsy and not an aloof warrior who questions ascendancy and disrespects his elder, Ram’s acknowledgment to his abuse is not acute and his accepting of his fate his is not based on him absent glory. In the Iliad, Achilles is apparent as an aloof warrior who detests ascendancy and his acknowledgment to his abuse is apparent as him cartoon his brand appear Agamemnon. The acceptation of dharma and arete is additionally altered in these two cultures, dharma is a array of abstention a actuality is aggravating to accomplish through self-responsibility and abstention admitting arete is an arete a actuality is aggravating to accomplish abilities. The Gods in these epics comedy a above allotment because they are the authoritative armament and their choices can adapt the catastrophe of anniversary of these epics, in the Iliad if Achilles would acquire dead Agamemnon and not been chock-full by Athena than the ballsy would acquire concluded differently. In the Ramayana if Ram had questioned the ascendancy for his abuse than the ballsy would be different. In the Ramayana advantage is apparent through Ram’s eyes as actuality as authentic as he can be and a blessed activity can be lived with nothingness. In the Iliad, advantage is apparent through Achilles’s eyes accepting celebrity in the best toughest of wars and activity afterwards celebrity is incomplete.

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