Question 1  1.  According to DSM-5, the time anatomy for a abiding absolution specifier is:    2–10 months.    13+ months.    2 weeks.    3–12 months. 5 credibility    Question 2  1.  According to Kurtz (2008), achievement aboriginal occurs at which step?    Step 1.    Step 2.    Step 3.    Step 4. 5 credibility    Question 3  1.  According to the Dynamic Archetypal of Relapse, these are factors that actuate how one perceives recovery.    Distal risks.    Cognitive processes.    Tonic responses.    Phasic responses. 5 credibility    Question 4  1.  According to the text, a Actuality Use Ataxia is a (or an):    acute relapsing condition.    chronic relapsing condition.    consistent condition.    unstable condition. 5 credibility    Question 5  1.  According to the text, a being in accretion from booze use ataxia who has one sip of beer at a bells is said to accept accomplished a:    slip.    relapse.    lapse.    abstinence corruption effect. 5 credibility    Question 6  1.  As a student, if you capital to apprentice about AA or NA groups, this would be the blazon of accumulation you would best acceptable attend.    Closed.    Open.    Either would be appropriate.    AA or NA alone permits those in accretion to enter. 5 credibility    Question 7  1.  Covering up the absorbed individual's behaviors and adverse the associated abrogating after-effects is an archetype of:    co-dependency.    enabling.    helping.    sacrificing. 5 credibility    Question 8  1.  In Bowenian Theory, cogent ancestors associates to allocution to anniversary alternative and not to you as advisor is called:    joining.    creating enactments.    differentiation.    creating a triad. 5 credibility    Question 9  1.  In Marlatt's Model, the additional class of variables accidental to addiction consists of:    coping skills.    outcome expectancies.    cravings.    poor parenting. 5 credibility    Question 10  1.  In the above-mentioned adaptation of the DSM (the DSM-IV), which of the afterward was advised the beneath astringent disorder?    Substance dependence.    Mild actuality use disorder.    Mild actuality dependence.    Substance abuse. 5 credibility    Question 11  1.  Non-support of a ancestors member's addiction accretion is an archetype of:    homeostasis.    boundaries.    triads.    subsytems. 5 credibility    Question 12  1.  The 12-Step Philosophy does NOT embrace which of the following?    Physical.    Medical.    Spiritual.    Mental. 5 credibility    Question 13  1.  The 12-Steps are anxious with:    character defects.    psychopathology.    illness.    detox. 5 credibility    Question 14  1.  The adeptness to abstracted from the ancestors and be an absolute alone is called:    breaking.    emotional cutoff.    differentiation.    triads. 5 credibility    Question 15  1.  This archetypal proposes that co-occurring SUD and psychiatric disorders arise from the aforementioned accident factor.    Correlated liabilities model.    Secondary actuality corruption model.    Common agency model.    Reciprocal account model. 5 credibility    Question 16  1.  This archetypal proposes that co-occurring psychiatric disorders announce and account the access of SUD.    Correlated liabilities model.    Secondary actuality corruption model.    Common agency model.    Reciprocal account model. 5 credibility    Question 17  1.  Which of the afterward substances may accept anti-psychotic qualities?    Alcohol.    Opiates.    Cocaine.    Marijuana. 5 credibility    Question 18  1.  Which of these are NOT one of the three rules aural an alcoholic family?    Obtain advice for the absorbed ancestors member.    Protect the absorbed ancestors affiliate from the after-effects of their behavior.    Do not altercate the addiction.    Do not accost the addiction. 5 credibility       Question 19  1.  ______ is a footfall above ______.    Abstinence, recovery.    Recovery, abstinence.    Relapse, recovery.    Recovery, relapse. 5 credibility    Question 20  1.  ______ is the 12-Step affairs for families of an absorbed individual.    Alanon.    Alateen.    AA.    NA. 5 credibility     Save and Abide  Click Save and Abide to save and submit. Click Save All Answers to save all answers.

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