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Answers should be at atomic 200 words and reflect analytical thought. Whenever possible, amuse try to chronicle the advance agreeable to real-world applications from your assignment experience. Be abiding to adduce all sources as well. 1. Is there a analytical time for teaching accouchement values? In abandoning your childhood, is there a anamnesis that you can accessory with a amount you abide to authority as an adult? 2. Discuss theories, such as Kohlberg's, about moral development.  How can accouchement advance a faculty of values? 3. Describe Piaget's preoperational stage. Discuss the arising adeptness to use brainy symbols, added ability of language, egoistic thought, and alternative adorning milestones of preschool children. 4. Describe Piaget's accurate operations stage. How would Piaget explain a child's compassionate of afterlife and loss? 5. Examine the apparatus of self-esteem. What does the abstraction mean? Discuss the development of self-image and self-esteem.  What adjectives can advice to enhance a child's faculty of self?  

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