Q 1.  Professional Communications:  Describe one affair you've acquired added acumen into apropos able communications this week.  An archetype could be an email, a chat you had with a co-worker, or a affair that you were allotment of.  What did you beam that was effective?  What did you beam that was not effective? What key take-aways do you appetite to remember? Q 2.  Time Management:  What three words aboriginal appear to apperception aback you anticipate of ‘time management’?  At the end of the day, how do you feel your accepted time administration access is working?  What breadth presents the better claiming for you to overcome?  What accept you empiric or apparent about time administration as it relates to your internship assignment activities?  List two strategies that you appetite to focus on accumulation into your accepted this semester.  (Check out the Time Administration Resources binder for some tips to ponder).  Q3.  Professional Ethics:  What does "integrity” mean to you? How do you alone appraise if addition has integrity? How do you appraise yourself?  What does "ethical behavior" beggarly to you? What characteristics would you accommodate in your definition?  List and call 3 credibility of able belief important for your field.  Describe an archetype of bent or ethical behavior you accept empiric appropriately far at your internship site.  Relate this aback to a antecedent bearings you accept experienced, and analyze how you feel now.

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