For this assignment, you charge column your antecedent column (minimum of 1000 words), acclamation the questions below.  Before answering questions 1-5, amuse agenda the following: the account appointment assignments will adviser you through the autograph of your analysis paper, planning to accessible your own business aural the abutting year, and that you are autograph your business plan. For your analysis paper, you will assay the IT requirements for your proposed business and address a angle for how you plan to accommodated the IT needs of your new company. Each anniversary on the altercation board, you will accept an action accompanying to your analysis paper. This is an befalling for you to activate formulating account for your analysis cardboard and for you to accept effective acknowledgment from your aeon and your instructor, as you advance your ideas.  For this week's discussion, I would like anybody to adjudge what blazon of business you would like to accessible (the possibilities are endless, as continued as it is legal, ethical, and non-offensive!) and acquaint us about your proposed business. You can accept any blazon of business, but you charge accept a minimum of 20 employees. After giving us a abbreviate description of your proposed business, you will activate allegory the IT requirements of your business in ablaze of what you accept abstruse in your arbiter readings this week, and you will activate to analyze the role that IT will comedy in your business.  1) Address a abbreviate description of your proposed business. What is the attributes of your business? What blazon of product(s) or service(s) will your business offer? Be abiding to accord your business a name, so that I can account it in the account of accustomed topics!  2) In what means will the advice technology needs be altered for high management, average management, operational management, and lower akin advisers (such as assembly and account workers, and abstracts workers)?  3) Identify the capital business processes in your business. What types of business advice systems will you charge to calmly run the assorted business processes of your business?  4) What kinds of action applications will your business crave in adjustment to alike and accommodate the assorted business processes?  5) How will you adapt the advice systems action of your business? Will you accept one IT able on staff, will you accept an advice systems department, or will you outsource the IT function? What will be the primary responsibilities of your IT able or department?

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