Please acknowledge to the afterward abbreviate answers. Each acknowledgment should be at atomic accept two paragraphs long. The quiz is accessible book, you can use the advice from lectures, readings, chic altercation and accepted contest to acknowledgment the questions. Use your own words in answering questions and abstain including continued quotes. 1) Describe some of the capital problems with polling and media advantage of polling that characterized the 2016 election. 2) How would you ascertain “earned media”? What is one archetype of a political attack that in your assessment was able in application becoming media? Justify your acknowledgment with evidence. 3) Choose one campaign: Trump 2020 OR Biden 2020. What would be your recommendations in agreement of their announcement (PAID MEDIA) messages? What do you anticipate the candidate’s bulletin should focus on in adjustment to win? 4) Choose one campaign: the Democrat Ocasio-Cortez 2018 OR the Republican Madison Cawthorn 2020. Describe how the attack you chose acclimated amusing media to abruptness the corresponding party’s enactment and win the primary. 5) Anticipate about what you abstruse in this chic and the media burning table you able for the media diet assignment. How does your amusing media appearance the blazon of political advice you’re apparent to? What could you do to alter your political networks on amusing media?

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