This is a multi-part appointment so amuse apprehend the admonition anxiously and accomplish abiding that you accomplishment anniversary step. Everything needs to be typed up and acquaint as a acknowledgment aural the comments. Step 1) I am activity to accord you a account beneath and you're activity to comedy a "game." Set a timer for 5 minutes. Aural those 5 account I appetite you to attending at the account and accomplish as abounding questions as you can. Rules: 1) Do not agitation the affection of the question. If it's a question, you jot it down. 2) Don't try and agitation the topic. 3) You're alone cerebration in agreement of questions and not answers. Generate as abounding questions as you can. Accomplish abiding that you anticipate alfresco the box! You'll charge a minimum of 8 questions. Statement: "Torture is justified." point of allotment 1: to get your academician acclimatized to cerebration in agreement of questions because you're consistently asked to anticipate in agreement of answers. Step 2) Once you've completed your 5 account with at atomic 10 questions, I appetite you to change all your accessible concluded questions to bankrupt concluded and change all your bankrupt concluded questions to accessible ended. Example: Closed ended question: "is gun ascendancy effective?"  This is a bankrupt catechism because the catechism leaves no allowance for interpretations. There are alone 2 accessible answers: yes or no. If I were to change that..... Open concluded question: "why is gun ascendancy effective?" Now all of a abrupt I accept a aggregation of accessible answers. Make sense? First go bottomward your account and adjudge if anniversary catechism is opened or bankrupt by appearance it with a "c" or "o." Once you've done that assignment on digest the catechism to change it to its opposite. point of allotment 2: to allegorize how you byword your catechism can crop absolutely altered answers. If you aren't accepting the answers you appetite this is because you're not delivery your questions correctly. 3) After you've completed footfall 2 again I appetite you to accept your top best 3 absorbing question. Point of allotment 3: to advice you accept not all questions are equal. Some will be acceptable questions and others you'll end up auctioning and that's altogether norma

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