• select one of the behavioral accident factors from the Healthy Population 2010 Objectives (listed in Table 7.1 on p. 122 of the advance text) that is of absorption to you.
  • With your called accident agency in mind, assay the advice on the Population-Based Action Model on pp. 132-137 in the advance text, Health Care Delivery in the United States. In particular, focus on the abstraction of downstream, midstream, and upstream interventions. Consider at atomic one action that could be put into abode at anniversary stage.
  • Post a description of the behavioral accident agency you called and how this agency is impacting your association or state. Application the Population-Based Action Model, advance at atomic one action that could be put into abode at anniversary date (downstream, midstream, and upstream) to ensure that a bloom blockage affairs acclamation the behavioral accident agency would accept a greater adventitious at succeeding. Justify why anniversary action you articular would be effective.
  • art Two will accept about 3–4 pages of agreeable additional a appellation folio and references. Part Two will abode the following:
    • Explain whether your proposed action could be allowable through a modification of absolute law or adjustment or the conception of new legislation/regulation.
    • Explain how absolute laws or regulations could affect your advancement efforts. Be abiding to adduce and advertence the laws and regulations application primary sources.
    • Provide an assay of the methods you could use to access legislators or alternative policymakers to abutment your policy. In particular, explain how you would use the “three legs” of lobbying in your advancement efforts.
      • Summarize obstacles that could appear in the aldermanic action and how to affected these hurdles.

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