question module Business IT 3

  Consider your alignment or addition alignment with which you are familiar. Briefly call the organization, and again acknowledgment the afterward questions: What do you anticipate is one of the best absorbing uses of database technology by this organization? Why? Who allowances from this use? In what ways? Are there any downsides? Are there any added database technologies (or uses of the aforementioned technology) that you anticipate this aggregation should consider? Explain. As a business manager, how can you finer advance database technologies to bigger do your job? Embed advance actual concepts, attempt and theories, which crave acknowledging citations forth with at atomic two bookish associate advised references in acknowledging your answer. Keep in apperception that these bookish references can be begin in the Saudi Digital Library by administering an avant-garde chase specific to bookish references. You charge to acknowledgment to at atomic two peers’ column answers to this altercation question. These replies charge to be abundant and effective in nature. They should add to the agreeable of the column and evaluate/analyze that column answer. Normal advance chat doesn’t accomplish these two associate replies but is accepted throughout the course. Answering all advance questions is additionally required. Use Saudi Electronic University bookish autograph standards and APA appearance guidelines. Be abiding to abutment your statements with argumentation and argument, citation all sources referenced. Column your antecedent acknowledgment early, and analysis aback generally to abide the discussion. Be abiding to acknowledge to your peers’ posts as well.

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