Question 47

 In this assignment, actualize a 3-page cardboard analytical the screening requirements for cerebral evaluations of law administration candidates. Assume you are the being amenable for administering preemployment screenings in your agency. Using the bore readings and online library resources, conduct analysis on civic standards, methods, and accoutrement for administering pre-employment cerebral screening assessments. You may appetite to argue bounded law administration professionals in the acreage for added information. In your submission, amuse acknowledge to the afterward questions: What are the accustomed standards for pre-employment cerebral evaluations? What are the key elements of the International Association of Chiefs of Badge (IACP) standards on preemployment screenings? What are your accompaniment requirements for preemployment screenings? What should be included in a pre-employment screening appraisal behindhand of locality? What are the primary aims of a pre-employment cerebral assessment? What are the ethical implications in administering preemployment screenings? What are the abeyant acknowledged aspects (i.e., risks) of able against bare preemployment screenings? How do screenings assure the badge administrator recruit, the department, and the community? Support your responses giving affidavit and examples from bookish resources. Apply APA standards to commendation of sources.

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