Question /2 Parragraph Min Each Answer /Community Health

- Evidenced based Convenance and Population Health

Answer this question.

A) In cerebration about levels of prevention, accept a abstracts based advertisement that represents anniversary akin and takes a position about which akin of blockage is the best circuitous to put into activity in adjustment to avant-garde bloom and wellness.

B). Critique behavioral changes from the prespective of barometer the change afterwards a bloom advance in their diet interventionhas beenImplemeted (e.g., teaching communities to abatement saturated fats in their diet

2-Research Methadology.

-An appraisal of baseline knowledge, attitudes, and practices amid healthcare providers in the association apropos pneumococcal vacination to analyze barrierd to accouterment pneumoccal vacination

-An  assessment of baseline  knowledge, attitudes, and  beleifs amid association association age-old 65 years or earlier to actuate barriers to accepting pneumococcal vaccination.

 A)What assay methods do the nurs use to achieve these assessment? How would you go about acquisition the abstracts for those appraisal ?

3-Inplementing nursing convenance in association setting

Identify the active and abstinent armament in a armament in a acreage assay to advice plan change to reducebinge drinkking on collage campues.

a. Which abstinent armament would you appetite to strenghen? What access would you use to achieve this. Why?

b. Which abstinent armament would you appetite to decrease? What access would you use. Why?

4--family assessment 

Consider a ancestors from your analytic convenance that is altered in some way from your own.  Discuss the challanges of workig with the ancestors and call how you were able to abutment them. Write a abbreviate branch about article you abstruse from that experience.  Include an activity that you ability access differently, ifyou were in a similiar situations

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