Question 1 Read the afterward articles: Defense cyber strategy: We can and will hit back, by Amber Corrin, C4&ISR Networks, Jul 1 2015 Cybersecurity: The Best Aegis is a Good Offense, by Aaron Wright, May 8, 2015 1.  Do you anticipate that the best cyber aegis includes actuality on the offensive? 2.  Should the government and/or clandestine companies appoint in cyber warfare? Remember to abutment your statements with reference, including folio or branch number. Question 2 Ever back 9/11 the federal government has fatigued the charge to plan for a agitator adventure involving a weapon of accumulation abolition (WMD). The key aftereffect apropos administration planning issues for a WMD adventure are medical and accessible health. The four above apparatus for a acknowledgment to a WMD adventure are blackmail assessment; emergency consultation; specialized abstruse assistance, and added assets as bare from the federal and clandestine sector. Acknowledgment affairs should abode these components. Bloom acknowledgment requires cooperation with all accompaniment and bounded bloom agencies including clandestine bloom affliction providers. In your opinion, do you accept that the bloom basic is abundantly addressed in the planning for a WMD incident? Do you accept that States and bounded governments, including bounded bloom affliction facilities, will accept acceptable allotment to abundantly plan and adapt for such an incident?

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