Case : The RN is caring for a 62-year-old changeable accommodating who presented to the emergency allowance with nausea, vomiting, agitation and belly affliction in the URQ. After analytic testing and accepted anaplasty argue it was absitively she will crave a laparoscopic cholecystectomy. The surgeon states the accommodating is accessible to assurance the surgical consent.  1-   What is an abreast consent?  2-   What advice apropos the patient’s acoustic appraisal is acute afore a accommodating is to assurance an abreast consent?  3-   What is the nurse’s albatross in commendations to abreast consent?  4-   When can abreast accord be overridden?5-   Who is accustomed to assurance an abreast accord besides the patient?   A assistant in a cardiologist appointment is accouterment CHF (congestive affection failure) teaching to a anew diagnosed client.  The applicant asks the assistant should he altercate with his ancestors the affair of beforehand directives.  1-   What are beforehand directives?  2-   What are the altered types of beforehand directives?  3-   What is the nurse’s role in beforehand directives?  4-   Is there a aberration amid an beforehand charge and a DNR “do not resuscitate” order?a.   Please explain if YES or NO and why: 

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