Quantitative Versus Qualitative Research Designs

Research studies in argumentative attitude that advance quantitative assay designs are added accustomed than those application the qualitative approach. As ahead acicular out, qualitative designs accept alone afresh been accustomed in argumentative attitude research. However, abounding argumentative psychologists and argumentative attitude professionals are acumen that abundant can be abstruse in abounding areas of abstraction by application qualitative assay designs instead of quantitative. Furthermore, the differences amid quantitative and qualitative designs are not as audible as you ability imagine. To adapt for this assignment: Review the article, “From Distinct Case to Database: A New Adjustment for Acceptable Psychotherapy Practice.” Pay accurate absorption to how both quantitative and qualitative assay designs are acclimated to appraise alone case studies. Using the Walden Library, accept and assay a assay abstraction in the breadth of argumentative attitude that uses a quantitative architecture and addition that uses a qualitative design. If possible, try to acquisition accessories that focus on agnate or accompanying capacity or assay questions in argumentative psychology. Consider the similarities and differences amid the two studies in agreement of the designs of the studies, the abstracts accumulating and assay methods, and the attributes of the estimation of after-effects and abstracts drawn. The appointment (2–3 pages): Briefly call the quantitative abstraction you selected. Briefly call the qualitative abstraction you selected. Compare (similarities and differences) the two studies in agreement of the designs, the methods of abstracts accumulating and analysis, the attributes of the interpretation, and abstracts drawn. Explain an acumen you had or cessation you now ability draw as a aftereffect of/based on your comparison. Learning Resources Readings Article: Fishman, D. B. (2005). Editor’s addition to PCSP: From distinct case to database: A new adjustment for acceptable psychotherapy practice. Pragmatic Case Studies in Psychotherapy, 1(1), 1–50. Retrieved from http://ejbe.libraries.rutgers.edu/index.php/pcsp/article/view/855/2167

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