COMM 304 FINAL PAPER ASSIGNMENT 1. GENERAL OVERVIEW: You will assemble a cardboard of APPROXIMATELY 8-10 pages breadth (10-12 angle atramentous font; double-spaced; APA style), in which you accomplish quantitative analysis of a COMMUNICATION analysis catechism called from the account accustomed below. By “COMMUNICATION” research, we beggarly the focus of the catechism should be on the MESSAGING (how the letters are constructed, their meaning(s), their reception) rather than some absolutely political issue. QUANTITATIVE analysis agency you will be COUNTING or MEASURING article application NUMBERS. You may, but are not appropriate to, accomplish one or added of the statistics we appraise in the course. 2. STRUCTURE: You should do a awning sheet, but it does not calculation in the folio limits. APA has a architecture for awning sheets; use it. No charge for an abstruse on this abbreviate paper. Your cardboard should accept the afterward sections, with SUGGESTED folio allocations (these may alter depending on what you do): INTRODUCTION (1-1 ½ pages) in which you acquaint us what you are examining, why it’s important, and why bodies affliction about it. This area may accommodate some actual that needs antecedent citation. REVIEW OF LITERATURE (4 pages) in which you address about above allegation of 5-6 ACADEMIC (peer-reviewed in bookish journals) accessories that appraise your affair in some way that informs your own research). USE THE “COMMUNICATION AND MASS MEDIA COMPLETE” FULL TEXT DATABASE AVAILABLE ON THE LIBRARY WEBSITE TO FIND SCHOLARLY LITERATURE IN COMMUNICATION. MAKE SURE YOU CITE THE JOURNALS, NOT “RETRIEVED FROM URL OR DATABASE.” IN FACT, STRIKE THE WORDS “RETRIEVED FROM” FROM YOUR VOCABULARY FOREVER AND EVER ☺. The end of this area should assay the specific RESEARCH QUESTION you are analytical (see Affiliate 2 for what a “research question” is; you may, but do not accept to, additionally appraise a “hypothesis”). RESEARCH REPORT (4 pages) in which you acquaint us the METHOD you acclimated to accumulate your information, address it in quantitative architecture (numbers; any statistical calculations you choose), and DISCUSS and DRAW CONCLUSIONS aloft the acceptation of what you found. BIBLIOGRAPHY (APA style; not allotment of the folio count). 3. ABOUT YOUR TOPICS: You should aces one from the analysis questions beneath that can be analyzed through CONTENT ANALYSIS (the allotment of affiliate 9 that you will be assigned; it’s pages 236-243 if you appetite to pre-read). Since we cannot do Institutional Analysis Board requirements online, we cannot use animal capacity (questionnaires, interviews or experiments). You will count, compare, and assay by examination them in MEDIA (print, television, cinema, Internet). Your abstract analysis would accommodate accessories that appointment the affair from alternative researchers. Your analysis address bisected would present abstracts YOU abridge on YOUR observations in media (not what alternative advisers empiric in their publications). You should present the abstracts in means that accomplish bright what you found; conceivably a abundance administration table and/or a blueprint would be nice. You do not accept to accomplish any array of statistics; aloof present abstracts (although you can try some statistics if you want). Then you altercate what you anticipate the after-effects mean. CHOOSE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING TOPICS: What are quantitative differences in the way journalistic media portray a political or amusing issue? (you aces the issue, and the media you appetite to analyze. You could assay two forms of media on the aforementioned issue). 4. SPECIFIC DETAILS: Use the APA (American Psychological Association) appearance guide. Place accurate accent on in-text antecedent commendation appearance and conventions of folio enumeration, band spacing, quotation, and bibliography. You accept the “Kindly Old Doc West’s Autograph Tips Powerpoint,” a sample quantitative paper, and a sample accepted approach cardboard on your Blackboard to appearance you in-text commendation appearance and bibliographic appearance for APA, as able-bodied as alternative autograph tips. You accept to appear to this; I will not accord acceptable grades to affidavit done “however.” COMPARE YOUR SOURCE CITATIONS IN THE PAPER AND YOUR BIBLIOGRAPHY TO THE SAMPLE PAPERS I HAVE PROVIDED ON BLACKBOARD. IF YOURS DO NOT LOOK LIKE THOSE IN THE SAMPLE PAPERS, YOURS ARE WRONG. Include awning sheet, bibliography, any alternative accordant advanced or aback amount (not in the "9-10 pages"). Must be typed or computer-printed in either 10 or 12 angle accepted font, double-spaced, and in BLACK INK. Literature analysis should be selective; I would apprehend about 5 or 6 account articles. They should allege to what has been done about the analysis catechism in the past, and leave you some arena to explain the charge to either carbon the research, or appraise areas that were ahead unexamined. Sources should be academic, acceptation able advice journals such as Advice Monographs, The Quarterly Account of Speech, etc. Any books should additionally be scholarly. "Literature" does NOT activate with www. USE THE “COMMUNICATION AND MASS MEDIA COMPLETE” FULL TEXT DATABASE AVAILABLE ON THE LIBRARY WEBSITE TO FIND SCHOLARLY LITERATURE IN COMMUNICATION. 5. GRADING RUBRIC: THE PAPER IS WORTH A TOTAL OF 100 POINTS, DIVIDED BY MY EVALUATION AS FOLLOWS: REVIEW OF LITERATURE absolute at atomic 5-6 SCHOLARLY sources………………………………………..up to 33 points. A analysis address of ascertainment of media agreeable (no animal accountable interaction), appear as quantitative data, including altercation and abstracts about the meaning(s) of the calm data............up to 33 points. Appropriate use of APA format, including able use of grammar, syntax, punctuation, in-text commendation format, and bibliographic style………………………………………………………………………………………………….………..up to 33 points You get 1 point chargeless for actuality acceptable ☺

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