Quantitative Mini Proposal

Research Question:  To what affect does abasement correlates to facebook amid adults? Mini-literature review. Accommodate a assay of three contempo empiric sources (required) and one non-empirical source (optional). Research question. This specific catechism should be accounting in a way that it could be answered through quantitative data; this is the catechism that will be answered by the proposed study. Research design. Identify the assay architecture for the proposed study. Choose from correlational, experimental, quasi-experimental, time-series, and survey. Sampling plan. Call your proposed sampling strategy, including the citizenry from which the sample would appear and how abounding participants you would include. Data accumulating plan. Identify abstracts that you would aggregate in your abstraction and call any instruments that you would use. Explain how you would aggregate the quantitative abstracts that would acknowledgment your assay question. Data assay plan. Explain how you would assay the abstracts that you collected. Ethical and cultural concerns. Identify ethical and cultural apropos that may be present in the proposed study. Alternative considerations. Call how the botheration that you advised ability be addressed by application a alloyed methods approach. Explain whether you accept that would be a stronger access or not, in this accurate situation. Submission Requirements Length: 4 pages, not counting awning folio and advertence page ****Number of references: Minimum of three peer-reviewed empiric account accessories that are no added than seven years old. APA Style: Accommodate a advertence folio in the accepted APA appearance at the end of your paper. Font and chantry size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

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