quantitative methods (addition of probability)

Apply elementary anecdotic statistics, anticipation theories and quantitative methods in business in business accommodation authoritative beneath accident and uncertainty.(use and archetype with adding, abacus or abacus probabilities) For the activated assignment, please abide a 5-6 slide PPT (NOT including appellation folio and references page) that includes the afterward parts:  PART 1: Actualize a context: Introduce a real-world business bearings or an absurd business book that may account from the theories and methods presented in the above-mentioned two weeks (adding , subtracting, or abacus probabilities). While creating the context, ask yourself: What business use cases may account from the quantitative methods offered aftermost anniversary and this week? Pick one. You can use Google or alternative chase tools, or your own abode experience, to actualize the context. Once you adjudge on the context, call it acutely in your PPT presentation. Be abiding to bear all accordant advice for the admirers (in this case your instructor) to advice him/her accept the ambience fully.  Part 2: Show with examples how the quantitative alignment alien in the above-mentioned two weeks chronicle to the business use case you introduced. (e.g., does the math/methodology advice to boldness a business problem?) Be specific in your description of how you can use the quantitative advice in affiliation with the business case (your context) you described. Give examples. Use abstruse analogue back necessary.  Part 3: Reflect on your learning by answering these questions: What changes accept you observed  in your own acquirements or ability of math/quantitative methods as a aftereffect of the capacity introduced in Weeks 3 and 4 of this course? What  did you acquisition best admired or advantageous for your MBA apprenticeship and/or your current/future career. (As you clear your thoughts for Part 3, be original: Do not echo the business ambience or bearings you declared in Parts 1 and 2. Think above that context).

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