Quantitative Analysis Discussion

****DUE IN 5 HRS!!!!!!!**** PLEASE ANSWER EACH QUESTION IN AT LEAST 75 WORDS A PIECE!! 1. Discuss the requirements of a beeline programming (LP) model. Accommodate an archetype of an LP archetypal and ascertain anniversary capricious used. What are the key accomplish that charge to be advised back formulating an LP problem? 2. Discuss the allowances provided by arrangement modeling. Describe how the shortest-route and maximal-flow techniques can be utilized. Please accommodate an archetype of one of these techniques. 3. Discuss the acceptation of cat-and-mouse band costs. Here, ensure to abode the accent of annoyed customers, accession points, and account characteristics. 4. Discuss the abounding costs that businesses face today. Is it consistently activated to analysis new account via a 'real life' abstraction - with participants, facilities, etc? If not, how can a simulation be activated to analysis account while befitting costs manageable? If a simulation is used, what accomplish are bare in adjustment to accept a acknowledged model? 5. What is the best activated and calmly activated assignment you abstruse by answering the antecedent questions? What was the hardest to grasp? Why? What abroad do you charge to apperceive about Quantitative Analysis?

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